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Natural Sciences


BSc Life Sciences

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

The medical and pharmaceutical industry is constantly looking for new ways to prevent and cure diseases. Agribusinesses try to come up with ways to optimise the growth and production of crops. Environmental companies look for innovative solutions to environmental problems. Dedicated professionals working in laboratories all over the world are at the heart of this research. This programme is aimed at preparing you for a role at the cutting edge of these developments.

This is a hands-on programme. You gain theoretical knowledge, but you also spend more than half of your time doing practical workAs a Life Sciences graduate, you will be an independent professional equipped to work in different scientific settings, including fundamental and applied research and quality control.

Programme content

Molecular Biology;
Molecular Genetics;
Cell Biology;
Molecular Plant Biology;
Physiology of Plants & Animals;
Communication Skills (written and oral);
Research Skills


The university offers a related Masters programme, taught through English, in the following area:

- Molecular Biology

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels  and 3 GCSEs

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers.

"Good grades" in Maths, Chemistry and Biology preferred.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at H4

"Good grades" in Maths, Chemistry and Biology preferred.




01 October

15 August