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BSc Nanobiology

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Programme profile

This is a joint programme with TU Delft.

The programme provides the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to describe, and study further, the complexity of living systems. It does that in a quantitative way, and based on the principles of physics. The field of Nanobiology is developing fast, bringing changes that will soon have an impact on our society, in the medical field and beyond.

The programme is fundamentally interdisciplinary. Courses will feature lectures, workgroups, lab training and combinations of these. You get to study in small groups in both Rotterdam and Delft. Courses taught in parallel will often refer to one another using similar examples or other forms of integration. This helps you put your knowledge in perspective. Furthermore the curriculum focuses on two aspects:

- Nanoscience and nanophysics as applied to biological systems
- A quantitative understanding of biology as it relates to human health and disease

Entry Requirements

Three 'A'-levels (inc. Maths, Biology and Physics, at Grade C, or above) plus Chemistry at A2 or AS

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 3 x H4. Subjects to include Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Higher level



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