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Health Sciences


BSc Occupational Therapy

4 years

€8000 pa

Programme profile

The main objectives of the programme are to:

-Provide students with knowledge about methods that allow individuals to engage in meaningful life activities and to modify environments that make it possible for the individual to function at home, work and in the community.

- Help students master specific areas of knowledge: children’s and adult diseases, pharmacology, first aid and professional specialisation courses: conceptual practice models in OT, OT in paediatrics, and creative activities in OT.

- Prepare students for practical training, which consists of clinical practice in somatic medicine, psychiatry and in the development of mental disability

Note: Fees increase to Eur 9000 in Years 3 and 4

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels, inc. Biology.

Six passes at Leaving Cert [2 at H4, inc. Biology.



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01 July