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BSc Sciences, Physical Geography & Ecosystem Science

3 years

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Programme profile

Environmental management is crucial for the well-being of mankind. Understanding the environment, including increasing demands and exploitation of natural resources as a result of population growth, is probably the greatest emerging challenge influencing our future. The demand for well-educated and highly skilled graduates within this field is, and will remain, extremely high.

This programme focuses on environmental modelling and management. A unique blend of courses results in a high-profile degree from a top international university - a perfect platform for a career or future study.

Close contact with private and governmental bodies and field-work within Sweden as well as to Asia or Africa are natural ingredients of the programme


Programme content

Thie programme consists of one introductory year and two years of specialisation. During the first year a solid foundation is laid in natural science, focusing on environmental science. After this, courses are taken in subjects such as climatology, geographical information science, programming and environmental modelling. Theory and practice are integrated on different scales (local to global) as well as in different locations (e.g. both industrial and non-industrial countries).


Lund offers several relevant Master's programmes, taught through English, including:

- Geomatics
- Physical Geography and Ecosystem Sciences
- Geo-information and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Managemen

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels [Biology, Physics and Chemistry] and Three GCSE's [inc Maths]

Six passes at Leaving Certificate [Two at H5], inc. Three from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths




Grades converted into GPA. Selection made on basis of GPA

18 October

17 January