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BSc Physics

3 years

€395 pa

Programme profile

This programme continues the traditional university education in physics. This concerns lectures and exercises in experimental and theoretical physics, in mathematics as well as laboratory courses which will provide a broad and applicable knowledge in physics and mathematics.

The aim of the programme is the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and methods in physics, giving an overview of the scope of physical insight and physics research as well as its application potential. This is achieved in courses of experimental and theoretical physics, in mathematics and in the laboratory; all these courses aim both at fundamental and application relevant knowledge. The obligatory education is complemented by courses that might be chosen either from a topical physics research area or from a non-physics specialization, e.g. in chemistry, information technology or mathematics and might be further supplemented by a German language course. The study program is completed by a scientific project, the B.Sc. thesis.

An indispensable tool of physics is mathematics. Therefore the participation in a bridge course in mathematics is recommended, but is not compulsory. At the beginning of your studies the learning of essential mathematical techniques is supported in courses on mathematical methods by highlighting these techniques by the application to fundamental physics problems.

Graduates of this programme will follow in the footsteps of Leipzig luminaries of the past: researchers such as Otto Wiener, Ludwig Boltzmann, Werner Heisenberg and Gustav Hertz.

Programme content

Experimental Physics
(Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat, Electrics, Magnetism, Optics, Nuclear-Molecular- and Solid State Physics);
Introductory and Advanced Physics Laboratory;
Mathematics ;
Theoretical Physics
(Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Special Relativity, Thermodynamics, Introductory Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics);
Chemistry or Informatics Electives
Bachelor Thesis

Note: 50% of Years 1 and 2 comprises Maths, the syllabus of which many students find challenging.

Deadline: though faculty gives 01 Sept as application deadline, the deadline given above is that for verification of qualifications


The university offers a related Masters programme, taught through English, in the following area:

- Physics

Entry Requirements

4 A-levels (inc one A-S) + 3 GCSE (grades between A and C) Subjects to include Maths, one other Science, and one language (foreign or English)

Leaving Certificate showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 are at H5, including Maths and one other science



No: but recommended

01 January

15 July