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Politics & International Relations

BSc Political Science

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

Politics is how communities settle their differences and achieve goals. So politics is everywhere and at all levels from the local to the global. Studying politics is not just about what politicians do – it helps you understand why the world is as it is and how it might be made better: we face migration and economic crises, terrorist threats, rising populism and xenophobia, and polarising societies. This programme offers you solid intellectual and practical insight into this dynamic world, its challenges, and its opportunities. It educates the informed, independent, analytical and critical thinkers and ‘doers’ the world needs.

Specialisations are available in:

- International Relations
- Comparative Politics
- Public Policy and Governance
- Political Theory

Cross-disciplinary minors are available in:

- Gender and Sexuality
- Conflict Studies
- European Politics and Global Change
- Middle Eastern Studies
- International Development Studies
- Global Migration

You can also enrol in a minor offered by another faculty

Programme content

First year
This year is an overview of politics. You encounter key concepts such as conflict, cooperation, interests and power and the big questions political scientists pose about current societal trends and the political systems we observe worldwide. Alongside courses on public policy, political thought, international law and contemporary history we introduce you to active research in political science. Your year-long tutorial and lab groups train you in analytical and critical thinking and in writing, debate, and presentation skills.

Second year
In the second year you choose your specialisation (above). Courses cover the major issues in contemporary politics from social inequality and justice to political economy across both democratic and authoritarian regimes. A research project of your choice brings together the academic, methods, and practical skills of the first four semesters.

Third year
The final year provides you further opportunities for specialisation through electives covering practically all issues and regions in the world. You may also choose an internship, study abroad or complete a Minor, or learn an additional language. You will round off your Bachelor programme by researching and writing your own thesis.

Entry Requirements

Three A-levels (CCC) and 3 GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, including two at H4 or above




01 October

01 June