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BSc Psychology

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

The aim of this programme is to provide students with a broad understanding of the main fields of psychology and to offer a basis for further study and independent research. The programme is designed to develop knowledge of the factors influencing human behaviour and to develop skills for the application of this knowledge in a wide range of settings, including the workplace, educational settings and community affairs. It develops such academic skills as preparing reports and giving presentations and such pracitical skills as administering diagnostic tests and conducting interviews

Programme content

Year 1: Introduction to Psychology; Social and Cross-Cultural Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Biopsychology; History of Psychology; Statistics; Personality and Individual Differences ; Applied Psychology

Year 2: Psychology in the Workplace; Clinical and Health Psychology; Cognitive Psychology & Cognitive Neuropsychology; Theory of Science; Social Environment and Behaviour; Test Theory; Research Methods; Career Perspectives; Communication and Diagnostic Skills; Research Practicum; Statistics

Year 3 is designed to both broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding. The first semester may be taken within the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen, from another of its departments, or from another university altogether.You specialise in one of following areas:
- industrial and organisational psychology
- cognitive psychology and psychophysiology
- clinical neuropsychology
- clinical psychology
- developmental psychology
- social psychology and its applications


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Psychology
- Human Behaviour in Social Contexts
- Human-Machine Communication
- Behavioural and Cognitive neuroscience

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels plus 3 GCSEs. Maths at A or AS Level Maths not a requirement, but recommended.

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers. Maths preferred

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H4. Hons Maths preferred but Ordinary Maths accepted at O4, or above.

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