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BSc Sociology

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

This programme allows you to develop expertise in subjects such as migration, inequality, healthcare, art & culture, labour markets, education, sexuality and social movements. In the past year, UvA students have investigated issues such as:

- Why do women earn less on average than men?
- How do social media affect the creation and survival of protest movements?
- In today's society, to what extent does your appearance affect your job prospects?
- How does the government deal with sustainability initiatives devised by citizens?

During the programme you will examine a wide range of isues including:
How does inequality arise? What does the success of capitalism say about Western European morals? Why is suicide a social issue rather than an individual one? Although these may seem like modern-day issues, the very founders of sociology have been poring over these matters since the 19th century.

In Amsterdam, they take classical sociologists such as Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim as our point of departure for a journey that will introduce you to many other influential thinkers and fully develop your sociological knowledge.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs. AS or A2 Level Maths preferred

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H4. Hons Maths preferred




10 October

01 June