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BSc Global Sustainability Science

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

From the first year of this programme, you acquire a broad understanding of sustainability, which you then deepen in the two subsequent years. The first year is an introduction year. You start by concentrating on local and regional themes and, as your studies progress, you'll increasingly be examining international areas of interest. Following your first year, you will deepen your knowledge by choosing one of four tracks which will allow you to focus on themes that really interest you:

- Water, Climate & Ecosystems
- Energy & Resources
- Governance & Societal Transformation
- Business & Innovation

Programme content

First year
In the first year, you will acquire a broad view of the key challenges in the field of sustainability, including the distribution of water, food and energy, urban and economic development, and the explosive growth of the global population. You will immediately start working on a team project with other students.You will also examine the dynamics of the natural environment, the social processes and, perhaps most importantly, the interaction between the natural and social systems at a global, regional and local level. You will learn how to study and analyse such complex systems, and about all the elements involved in setting up and conducting a scientific research project.

Second year
In the second year, you will learn more about the philosophy of science and ethics. How can one distinguish good science from pseudo science, and what moral and ethical questions play a role in sustainable development? Attention will be paid to a variety of statistical methods. You will also seek to deepen your knowledge of a single sustainability science theme. You will be choosing one of four tracks or putting together your own. At the end of this year as well, you will be setting up an own team research project. This project will deal with a global question, such as climate or biodiversity. You will be applying all the knowledge you will have acquired in your first two years in this project.

Third year
You'll spend the first half of the third year deepening your knowledge of the theme of your track. With regard to your research project, in the third year you will be ready for real work. Working with a team, you will be advising a real client as a consultant on a specific practical sustainability issue. The client might, for instance, be a charitable organisation (NGO), a government entity or a company.You will conclude your studies by writing your thesis. This is an individual research project about a current sustainability issue

Entry Requirements

3 GCE A-levels among which an A or A/S-Level Mathematics and at least 2 of the following subjects: A2 Biology, A2 Chemistry, A/S Physics, A/S-Economics PLUS 3 GCSES [Grades A-C]

Six passes at Leaving Cert, including Hons Maths and at least 2 of the following subjects, at H4, or above, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Economics




01 October

15 January