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Liberal Arts & Sciences

BSc Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences [ at ATLAS ]

3 years

€4586 pa

Programme profile

The Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) offers an interdisciplinary programme for top students, integrating social and technical perspectives into a new engineering approach.

New Engineers
ATLAS is the only interdisciplinary University College in the Netherlands that combines Technology with Social Sciences. And for a good reason. As global challenges increase and new technologies emerge, our future calls for a New Engineer: an academic all-rounder who can combine technological and societal approaches to design solutions that can be implemented in a range of social, cultural and political contexts.

Project-Led Education
ATLAS offers a unique approach to learning: the programme is project-driven and cantered around real-world themes (Human Movement, Nano-Robotics, Tracers for Personal Safety, Smart 3D Printing, Alternatives for Renewable Energy or the feasibility of a Mars Space Station), enabling you to integrate and apply your knowledge directly within the programme. 

Personal & International
All students take on a personal pursuit (choir director, ski coach, building a beer brewing system, learning a String Theory etc.)  throughout all three years of the programme, allowing them to add a personal broadening or deepening to their academic experience. Moreover, ATLAS aims to attract a broad variety of students from various cultures and interests to enrich the students’ project work and, ultimately, study experience.

Intensive & Selective
This programme has twice the contact hours of a traditional study programme with instruction from a dynamic team of instructors from a variety of academic disciplines. This means that eligibility is limited to high-performing students. 

Residential College
On-campus accommodation is guaranteed.

Fee includes standard statutory Tuition Fee of Eur 2143 plus an Institutional Fee

Programme content

The beginning of the first year is marked with a Freshmen Project, explaining the main characteristics of Project-Led Education and teaching how to work under time pressure,  how to define what information is required, how to construct an effective and coherent argument, and how to defend the collective result. After the Freshmen Project, students are able to successfully start working on two semester projects, in Human Movement and in Renewable Energy & Sustainability. Next to the project work students also take the following modules: Newtonian Mechanics (including Calculus and Linear Algebra), Energy Engineering (including Complex & Multidimensional Calculus), Behavioural Science and Philosophy and Organisational Change.

In the second year students  choose four-five out of seven Science & Engineering modules and two-three out of four Social Science modules. The only modules that are compulsory for everyone are in Science Research, Governance & Leadership in Innovation, Materials Engineering and High Tech Transportation Systems.  The second year includes two semester projects, in either Nano Robotics or Mega Structures, and in  racers for Personal Safety or Smart 3D Printing.

During the third year, students will further specialise in their field of interest, as well as have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad as a part of their international experience. The ATLAS programme is concluded with a graduation project .


When you graduate from ATLAS you are directly admissible to all Master’s programmes of the University of Twente from Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science to Nanotechnology, Business Administration, European Studies, Communication studies and Psychology.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels [at B or above], in Maths, Chemistry and Physics

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers {Grades A-C] and at least 4 Highers [Grades A-B]. Subjects to include Maths,Chemistry & Physics.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate, inc H4 in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Yes: through Team Assignment or Skype Interview


Yes: Letter of Motivation

NOTE: the ATLAS Scholarship Fund offers scholarships to a select group of students based on their merits and needs. The scholarship is primarily intended for students who would otherwise be unable to attend ATLAS and whose talent will strengthen the diversity and excellence of the ATLAS student population.

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