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Information Technology

BSc Technology: Data Science

3 years

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Programme profile

Data science gives you the foundations to become a top-level expert in the modern knowledge society. You will obtain the required skills to solve real-world problems using methods of algorithm design, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical inference, operations research, and optimization.

This is a multidisciplinary programme. focusing on the study of scientific methods used to extract knowledge from data and build models that cope with complex problems. It employs techniques and theories drawn from the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, information sciences, and computer science.

The programme  will provide you with skills required to become a top-level digitalization expert for trade and industry, science or technology. After completing your studies, you will be able to manage large volumes of data, make sound inferences from data, and build data-driven models that make accurate predictions or take intelligent decisions.

Throughout the studies, emphasis is put on the foundation of mathematics, statistics, and computation, and building a strong background in data science, which will not only educate you with the existing techniques, but will also allow you to follow the developments in this rapidly-evolving area


The programme gives you a solid basis for further studies in the Aalto University master’s programmes, such as:

- Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intellegence
- Mathematics and Operations Research

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels & Three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H5

Yes: SAT (for sts who dont have IB or EB)



09 January

23 January