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Bachelor's in Dentistry

5 years

€13900 pa

Programme profile

UCAM suggests that thisprogramme is "focused on your future professional success from day one" and that it offers "contact with the real profession, as there will me a lot of clinical internships".

One of the features that differentiates Dentistry at UCAM from others are some of the innovative subjects in the Curriculum, like Dentistry and Dietetics, Dentistry and Sports, or Planning and Management of a Dental Clinic, as these subjects can open new career paths for students.

Programme content

Year 1
Human Anatomy and Embryology;Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health;Biochemistry and Immunology;Microbiology;Psychology and Communication;Histology;Spanish for Dentistry;Humanities;Biology;Human Physiology;Oral Anatomy
Year 2
Spanish for Dentistry;Dental radiology and radio-protection;Ethics and Bioethics;Legal and Forensic Dentistry;Pathological anatomy;Ergonomics, Dental Materials and Instrumentation;Medical-Surgical Pathology I;Preventive and Community Dentistry;Introduction to Dentistry, Management and Dental practice planning;Pharmacology, anesthesia and reanimation; Elective
Year 3
Medical-Surgical Pathology;Basic Oral Surgery;Dental Pathology andTherapy; Prosthesis;Orthodontics
Year 4
Oral Medicine;Dental Pathology and Therapy; Orthodontics; Prosthesis;Occupational disease in dentistry;Periodontics;Oral Impacts of Systemic Diseases; Pediatric Dentistry; Dentistry for special patients
Year 5
Gerontology; Emergencies in Dentistry; Dental Traumatology; Adhesive Aesthetic Dentistry; Management and direction of dental radiology facilities

Supervised internships
are performed in the 5th year. They allow the students to integrate, acquire and develop the competences in knowledge, abilities and attitude in a real life situations, based on active education, team work, personal development and critical-reflexive thinking for processing information,

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels (Biology, Chemistry & Physics required, BBB preferred) and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H5. GPA of H2/H3 preferred. Biology, Chemistry & Physics required



Yes: Letter of Motivation

31 July