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Health Sciences


MSc Dentistry [in Madrid]

5 years

€20200 pa

Programme profile

UEM offers:

Quality practical training from the very beginning, in the Robotic Simulation Hall, where students carry out the procedures that in their last years, they will perform on patients, in over 700 hours of integrated clinical practicum at the University Hospital.

Technologically advanced facilities, including the undergraduate University Hospital, the Graduate Dental Clinic, the Robotic Simulation Hall, audiovisual classrooms and the new R&D&i Biomedicine Laboratory.

Clinical internships with professionals during the summer months for familiarisation with professional environments

This programme is taught through English though students will need to have acquired Spanish by Year 3, to communicate with patients

Foundation Year available for those
students who are not accepted directly into first year, based on their grades.

Programme content

Year 1: Anatomy and physiology of the human body; Cellular biology and human genetics; Epidemiology, public health and biostatistics; Anthropology and history of dentistry; Introduction to research in dentistry; Biochemistry; General microbiology and immunology; Introduction to clinics; Psychology

Year 2: Biomaterials and Instrumentation; Head and Neck anatomy; Surgical pathology; Physiopathology; Periodontology; Pharmacology; Oral physiology; Diagnostics in dentistry; Occlusion; Radiology

Year 3: Paediatric dentistry; Orthodontics; Buccal surgery; Restorative dentistry; Prosthetics; Endodontics; Preventive Dentistry; Risk Management

Year 4: Periodontology; Bucal surgery pathology; Restorative dentistry; Initiation into practice for adults; Paediatric dentistry; Orthodontics; Introduction into practice for children; Prosthetics; Preventive dentistry; Medicine and pathology for special patients

Year 5: Dissertation; Community dentistry and public health; Professional etiquette and professionalism; Special patients; Radioprotection; Emergencies in the practice

Entry Requirements

3 A-Levels [CCC preferred, but not required] and 3 GCSEs.

Six passes at Leaving Certificate [2 at H4], inc Maths,




Yes: Letter of Motivaton

07 January

08 March

Early application recommended