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Doctor of Medicine

6 years

€10210 pa

Programme profile

Teaching at the Medical University of Gdansk [MUG] is supported by well-equipped facilities. The students of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences attend elementary studies at the Collegium Biomedicum. Practical clinical classes for MUG students take place at the Academic Clinical Centre and the Academic Maritime and Tropical Medicine Centre and other health-care institutions in the city.

Facilities at the Academic Clinical Centre are regularly modernised .In taking over the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine the university was able to extend its teaching offer by including unique specialisations such as: hyperbaric medicine, tropical medicine, paracytology or occupational medicine. Other numerous construction investments have been completed recently including: the Department of Pediatrics, Hematology, Oncology and Endocrinology, the Department of Forensic Medicine and the Tri-city's Academic Animal Experimental Centre.

Fiees based on conversion to EUR from POL 440000 as at 01.02.19

Programme content

Year 1: Gross Anatomy; Histology ; Cell Biology ; Chemistry; Embryology; History of Medicine; First Aid and Medical Emergencies; Elements of nursing ; Practical Training in Technique for Injections; Information Technology; Basic Polish; Latin; Physical Education; Health & Safety Practice; Electives; Summer Elective Programme - nursing Training in a Hospital (4 weeks)

Year 2: Physiology; Biochemistry; Biophysics; Medical Biology; neuroscience; Medical Psychology; Parasitology; Basic Immunology; Biostatistics; Medical Polish; Electives; Summer Elective Programme - Outpatients care: Family Doctor (administrative service, work at the reception desk; 2 weeks); Assistance in Outpatients Department or Emergency Ward (2 weeks)

Year 3: Pathophysiology; Pathomorphology; Microbiology; Pharmacology; Laboratory Diagnostics; Introduction to Internal Medicine; Introduction to Paediatrics; Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry; Introduction to Surgery; Clinical Anatomy; Medical Psychology; Sociology of Medicine; Electives; Summer Elective Programme - Paediatrics ward (4 weeks)

Year 4: Pathomorphology; Paediatrics; Surgery (General); Surgery (Trauma); Internal Medicine: Cardiology; Internal Medicine: Nephrology; Internal Medicine: Hypertension; Internal Medicine: Gastroenterology; Internal Medicine: Pneumonology; Dermatology & Venerology; Introduction to Neurology; Introduction to Oncology; Psychiatry; Radiology; Nuclear Medicine; Clinical Genetics; Public Health; Hygiene; Introduction to Dentistry; Elective subjects; Summer Electives - Surgery [2 weeks] Internal medicine [2 weeks]

Year 5: Internal Medicine: Hematology ; Internal Medicine: Endocrinology; Internal Medicine: Toxicology & Emergency States in Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine: Diabetology; Internal Medicine: Cardiology; Infectious Diseases; Internal Medicine: Rheumatology; Clinical Allergology; Paediatrics; neonatology; Surgery; Paediatric Surgery; Orthopaedics & Traumatology ; Gynaecology and Obstetrics; neurology; Psychiatry; Radiology; Clinical Pharmacology; Clinical nutrition; Clinical Immunology; Laboratory Diagnostics; Electives; Summer Elective Programme - Outpatient care: Family Doctor [2 weeks]; Gynaecology and Obstetrics [2 weeks]

Year 6: Surgery; neurosurgery; Cardiac Surgery; Vascular Surgery; Gynaecology and Obstetrics; Family Medicine ; Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy; Oncology; Laryngology; Opthalmology; Gerontology & Geriatrics; Palliative Medicine; Medicine of Labour; Tropical Medicine; Hyperbaric Medicine; Forensic Medicine; Emergency Medicine; Rehabilitation; Preventive Medicine; Medical Ethics & Deontology; Epidemiology; Electives


Recognised by General Medical Council & Irish Medical Council

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (inc Biology & Chemistry)+ 3 GCSEs

Leaving Certificate showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 are Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5).Subjects to include Maths, Biology & Chemistry




01 March

15 July