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Health Sciences


Doctor of Medicine

6 years

€13800 pa

Programme profile

This programme is designed for European and other candidates who have graduated from high school and obtained good grades in physics, chemistry, biology and English Language.

The course is divided into two parts: Part I, occupying the two preclinical years, is devoted mainly to the following subjects: anatomy, medical biology, chemistry, biochemistry, histology and embryology, physiology, medical Latin and medical Polish. During this period clinical aspects of these topics are gradually introduced.Part II starts in the third year and takes up the remaining four years of the course.

Teaching is through lectures, practicals, seminars. Lectures are theoretical in nature and provide students with the fundamental knowledge in the discipline. Practicals are divided into clinical practicals (bedside teaching), practicals in out-patient clinics, surgeries and laboratory practicals, which are held in groups of 5-6 students. Seminars are organised around a discussion relating to selected problems, are held in groups of maximum 16 students.

Fee is converted from POL 59,800 at rate in force as of 01.03.20

Programme content

Year 1: Histology & Embryology; Gross anatomy; Medical Chemistry; Philosophy; Biology; First Aid ; Medical Polish; Latin; Biophysics; Physical training; Introduction to Medicine

Year 2: Gross Anatomy; Biochemistry; Physiology; Principles of Medical Genetics; Cell biology; Medical Polish; Introduction to Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Hygiene; Law & Ethics; Physical training; Pathophysiology; History of Medicine

Year 3: Behavioural science; Microbiology; Parasitology; Pathomorphology; CPR; Pharmacology & Toxicology; Immunology; Paediatrics; Internal medicine; Pathophysiology

Year 4: Pathomorphology; Pharmacology & toxicology; Psychiatry; Rheumatology; Clinical psychology; Radiology; Pediatrics; General surgery; Traumatic surgery; Cardiology; Neonatology; Disaster medicine; Laboratory medicine; Cardiac surgery; Alergology; Emergency medicine

Year 5: Internal medicine; Occupational medicine; Gastroenterology; Ob/Gyn; Pediatrics; Gastro surgery; Urology; Endocrinology; nuclear medicine; Pulmonology; Nephrology; neurosurgery; Clinical pharmacology; Hematology; Diabetology; Dermatology; Neurology; Hypertensiology; Thoracic surgery; Palliative care; Orthopedics; Vascular surgery

Year 6: Clinical genetics; Public health; Geriatric medicine and gerontology; Family medicine; Internal medicine in primary care; Infectious diseases; Laryngology; Ophthalmology; Anesthesiology & resuscitation; Forensic medicine; Tropical diseases; Oncology; Palliative care; Rehabilitation; Introduction to dentistry


Recognised by General Medical Council & Irish Medical Council

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels: Biology plus one from Physics, Chemistry and Maths. But all three natural sciences tested in entrance exam

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at H5. Subjects to include Biology plus one from Physics, Chemistry and Maths. But all three natural sciences tested in entrance exam



Yes: Letter of Motivation

01 November

15 July