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Master's in Medicine

6 years

€12000 pa

Programme profile

NOTE:this programme has two start dates: 01 September and 01 February [application deadline for February entry is 01 December]

The objective of this programme is to prepare academically educated and professionally qualified doctor. The programme is comprised of compulsory and elective courses. Professional studies in medicine are divided into three blocks: Basic subjects: theoretical disciplines, which comprise subjects from different fields of sciences: anatomy, histology,
physiology, medical chemistry and biochemistry, as well as the humanities: philosophy, psychology, languages; Preclinical subjects: disciplines regarding pathological conditions and processes, which already include clinical basic disciplines; and Clinical subjects.

Though the programme is taught entirely in English, students will need to learn some Latvian to be able to converse with patients during the clinical years.

Note:Fees Eur 10,000 in Years 2-6

Programme content

Year 1: Human Anatomy; Medical Biology; Medical and Biophysics; General Medical Chemistry; Medical Biochemistry; Latin; Histology; Introduction to First Aid; History of Medicine; Latvian; Introduction to Philosophy; Medical Cell Biology; Critical Thinking in Medicine; Intercultural Studies; Medical Terminology in Latin; Philosophical Anthropology

Year 2: Human Anatomy; Histology; normal Physiology; Medical Biochemistry; Microbiology; Parasitology; Introduction to Research & Psychology; Latvian; Embryology; Medical Genetics; Medical Ethics & Deontology; Anthropology; Functional Histology; Exercise Physiology; Interface Psychology; The Functions of the Human Body; Personal Psychology; Medical Terminology in Latvian; Functional Embryology

Year 3: Microbiology; Pathological Anatomy; Pathological Physiology; Pharmacology; Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases; General Surgery; Radiology; Environmental Medicine; Introduction to Clinical Care & Rehabilitation; Clinical Microbiology; Clinical Pathological Anatomy; Clinical Pathological Physiology; Social Pharmacology; DNA Analysis in Practical Medicine; Ethics; Sexual Health; Introduction to Alternative Medicine; Medical Terminology in Latvian

Year 4: Internal Diseases; Surgery; Occupational Medicine & Occupational Diseases; Obstetrics; Public Health and Epidemiology; Ear, nose, Throat Diseases; Paediatrics; Psychiatry and Narcology; Infectious Diseases & General Physical Medicine; Dermatovenereology & Clinical Immunology; Disaster Medicine and Toxicology; Medical Psychology; Thematic Modules in Internal Diseases; Thematic Modules in Infectious Diseases; Obstetrics; Emergency Medicine

Year 5: Internal Diseases; Surgery; Paediatric Surgery; Gynecology; neurosurgery; Orthopaedics; Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care; Paediatrics; Neurology; Children's Infectious Diseasess; Forensic Medicine & Autopsies; Clinical Rehabilitation; Ophthalmology; Clinical Practice; Thematic Modules in Internal Diseases; Thematic Modules in Surgery; Thematic Modules in Radiology; Practical Neurosurgery Thematic Modules in Ophthalmology; Clinical Physical Medicine; Introduction to Classical Massage; Introduction to Homeopathy

Year 6: Internal Diseases; Haematology; Radiology; Surgery; Maxillofacial Surgery; Family Medicine, Women"s Health, Psychosomatic Medicine & Psychotherapy; Clinical Immunology & Clinical Genetics; Paediatrics; Infectious Diseases; Research Paper; Clinical Pharmacology; ECG; Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine; Thematic Modules in Surgery; Family Medicine; Evaluation of Clinical Tests; Pain Medicine; Biomechanics; Clinical Gerontology and Geriatrics; Introduction to Unconventional Medicine


Recognised by General Medical Council & Irish Medical Council

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels. Biology and Chemistry required. Maths and Physics preferred

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate. Required subjects to include Biology and Chemistry at H4. Hons Maths and/or Physics preferred, but not required.



Yes: Letter of Motivation

01 March

01 July