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Doctor of Medicine

6 years

€11500 pa

Programme profile

Learning to be a doctor involves the most expensive - and one of the longest courses of study for any degree, so it is essential that those thinking of medicine as a career are absolutely sure that this is what they want to do with their working lives, before taking the first step and applying to enter a medical school. If you are sure, Wroclaw offers an excellent preparation for a challenging career.

Fees are quoted using the exchange rate from Pol Zloty 50.000 to Euro as at 01.03.20

Programme content

Pre-Clinical [years 1 and 2]: medical chemistry (inorganic and organic), biophysics, biology, anatomy, histology, embryology, genetics, immunology, cytophysiology, biochemistry, computing techniques, physiology, Latin, physical education, first aid and resuscitation.

Foreign students must take a course in the Polish language during these two years in order to be able to communicate with the patients from the third year onwards.

Clinical [years 3-6]: pathology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, microbiology, introduction to medicine, paediatrics and surgery. The whole medical spectrum of clinical sciences will be covered by the end of the sixth year, including: internal medicine, general surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics, neurology, dermatology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, radiology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, pulmonology, rheumatology, forensic medicine, public health medicine, anaesthesiology, medical ethics and psychology

A full-time hospital training is obligatory during the summer holidays (July-September), starting after the first year of studies and proceeding throughout the next five years. This practice may be performed in your own country or in any other country


Recognised by General Medical Council & Irish Medical Council

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels, inc Chemistry, Biology PLUS Physics OR Maths

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at H5. LC subjects to include Chemistry and Biology PLUS Physics OR Maths




Candidates selected by Grades in above Life Sciences subjects

24 February

05 July

Selection based on Grade Point Average (GPA)