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Health Sciences


Doctor of Medicine

6 years

€10800 pa

Programme profile

An extended curriculum is based on strict European and U.S. standards and on integrated educational experience. During the programme, students gain the knowledge   and practical skills required in the areas of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Students also learn the moral principles of conduct towards patients and their rights, the rules of professional co-operation and the moral norms in medical research.

Fees converted form POL46,000 at rate in force 01.10.18


This degree is recognised by GMC and IMC

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs. All three sciences usually required.

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers. Subjects to include Maths.

6 Passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2H5. All three sciences usually required.




13 September