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Health Sciences


MSc Medicine & Surgery

6 years

€12000 -18000* pa

Programme profile

This programme offers the scientific basics and the theoretical-practical requirments, in order to practice in the medical profession in accordance to the directives 75/363/CEE which has set the standards for the education of doctors in the European Union: the UniCamillus graduates will be allowed to operate in the whole of the European Union.

Graduates will also be able to tackle many of the deficiencies of the specialist professional roles within the Southern parts of the world. Since 2006, the World Health Organization has launched the “Task Shifting Project”. The project which is trying to combat the impossibility of giving a reasonable response in acceptable times due to the lack of healthcare workers at all levels has hypothesized that a certain number of activities which are usually done by specialist doctors can be preserved to general practitioners.

In line with UniCamillus’ humanitarian mission, there is an extra emphasis placed on the existing interrelations between the contents of basic science and those of clinical sciences with particular attention placed on the interdisciplinarity of medicine and an approach that is strongly oriented towards the humanity of the patient by critically evaluating not only all the clinical aspects but also dedicating attention towards the relational, educative, social and ethic aspects involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria as well as the rehabilitation and recovery of the highest level possible of psychophysical health.

* Fees fixed with reference to family income.

There is a possibility of a second round of applicatons in September, if there are vacant places

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, in 2 x H5




28 October

28 January