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Health Sciences


MSc Pharmacy

5 years

€550-5210* pa

Programme profile

This programme is offered in collaboration with the University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy and Alliance Boots Ltd.

This relationship provides the opportunity forstudents, to do internships, or periods of studying abroad, in Nottingham University and in Malaysia, as an English branch campus, as well as in other European Universities through the Erasmus Mundus Project.

Fees fixed with reference to family income.

Programme content

1st Year: Human Anatomy; General and Inorganic Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics ; Zoology; Cellular and Development Biology; Organic Chemistry.

2nd Year: Analytical Chemistry; Microbiology and Immunology; Molecular Biology; Drug analysis; Pharmaceutical Biology & Pharmacology; Medical Statistics; Biochemistry ; Chemistry of Equilibria.

3rd Year: General Pathology; Plant Biochemistry and Physiology; Medicinal plants; Drug Analysis; Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry ;Toxicology & Pharmacogenomics; Physiology.

4th Year: Internal Medicine & Dermatopharmacology; Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Technologies; Special Pharmacology and Therapy; Neuropsychopharmacology; Chemotherapy.

5th Year: Pharmaceutical Legislation; Commercial Law; Deistic Sciences; Food Chemistry; Electives


This programme trains students in the knowledge and skills necessary to practice as a pharmacist under EU Directive 85/432/EEC.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and Three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, 2 x H5




12 June

02 September