Royal Danish Academy of Music





The Royal Danish Academy of Music is the oldest music academy in Denmark. It is a dynamic and vibrant artistic educational institution, centred on teaching. The Academy has a broad musical and stylistic span, ranging from period music to classical-romantic, as well as more recent and new contemporary music, including the compositional music of tomorrow.

The majority of the Academy's courses are aimed at performance at the highest level, and many also include pedagogical training with a view to professional music teaching. Besides the purely instrumentalist and vocalist programmes, specialised courses are also available within the fields of music teaching, composition, conducting and church music, as well as recording direction.

Since 2008, the Academy has been housed in outstanding architectural surroundings when the beautiful and atmospheric buildings designed by the architect Vilhelm Lauritzen underwent a thoroughgoing renovation

Courses offered through English


The academy is not able to offer housing to international students but will guide you on where to look. As it is not easy to find student accommodation in Copenhagen, you should resgister early. You should budget for about €400 - €500 per month.