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Modern scientific psychotherapy dates back approximately 300 years, and for the past 100 years or so efforts to conceptualize it have been intensified, with Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) at the forefront.. Since the time of Freud, psychotherapy has witnessed the emergence of a vast array of new methods and innovations. In addition, important common features among the various therapeutic approaches have been ascertained. Moreover, thousands of studies have proven the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Over the past 20 years, worldwide efforts have focused on establishing psychotherapy as a research discipline and profession in its own right. In this endeavour, the developments in Austria have played an important role, considering the fact that the Austrian Parliament passed the first Psychotherapy Law in 1990. This law establishes psychotherapy as an independent profession it its own right and regulates a standardized, scientific-based psychotherapy training. What has been missing so far, however, is its incorporation into an academic setting, in terms of training as well as in terms of research.

Sigmund Freud University asserts that モit pioneered Psychotherapy Science as an academic degreeヤ and that モit is seeking to set new standards for research and teaching in Psychotherapy by emphasizing research activities, practical training, and academic exchange among the different psychotherapy schoolsヤ

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The college assists students to find accommodation. The price of a room is approx. €250- €300 per month