Universita degli Studi di Milano





The University of Milan is a public teaching and research university, which - with 9 faculties, 69 departments and a teaching staff of 2,500 professors - is distinguished by its wide variety of disciplinary fields. It is one of the top universities in Italy.

The University of Milan was founded in 1924, uniting two institutions that boasted a great tradition of medical, scientific and humanistic studies: the Accademia Scientifico-Letteraria (Scientific-Literary Academy), active since 1861, and the Istituti Clinici di Perfezionamento (Clinical Specialisation Institutes), established in 1906. The University has grown to become a leading institute in Italy and Europe for scientific research, with approximately 65,000 enrolled students.

The University of Milan is characterised by the marked multidisciplinary nature of its teaching and research programmes, which have developed in three majorᅠareas: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law; Medicine and Healthcare; Science. The University of Milan was one of the institutions that helped to found LERU, the League of European Research Universities, and is the only Italian University to be a member of the organisation. The University has 9 faculties, which offer a total of 137 bachelor and master programmes, accross 69 departments.

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Universita degli Studi di Milano provides its students with long-term and short-term accommodation solutions, i.e. lodgings and guest rooms, which are managed both directly, through the ISU, and indirectly, through public and private bodies that have established agreements with the University.

You should budget for at least €500 a month.