University of Babes-Bolayi





The University of Cluj was formed in 1872. Its Medical Faculty was one of four that moved to Szeged, in Hungary, in 1921. In 1945, after several change of name, structure and location, the university was relocated in Cluj and took the name モBabesヤ. At the same time as the Rumanian authorities established in Cluj the Hungarian university named "Bolyai". The two universities were reunited in 1956, under the name Babes-Bolyai University, where the teaching was being done in Romanian and Hungarian. More than 45,500 students study on programmes in its 21 faculties. 15 of our 21 faculties provide both a Romanian and a Hungarian curriculum, and 9 of them provide both a Romanian and a German curriculum

Courses offered through English


    Rent in student apartments is about is about €200 per month per person