University of Szeged





The University of Cluj was formed in 1872. Its Medical Faculty was one of four that moved to Szeged in 1921. The faculty eventually became one of the components of the new University of Szeged in 2000. There are now twelve faculties in the University.

The English-Language Program offered at the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy for foreign students started in the academic year 1984/85 and 1986/87, respectively. In 1999 a German-Language Program was also introduced.

The university campus is located in the cultural, education, business and shopping center of the city. The university clinics, with 1,200 beds form one of the regional medical centres.

Courses offered through English


The Foreign Students' Secretariat has a list of flats from which you can choose. Rents between €120 and €350 per month