University of Veterinary Medicine, Kosice





Located in the beautiful and historic city of Ko?ice in Eastern Slovakia, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Ko?ice [UVM] is an independent, monofaculty university offering advanced degrees (PhD., DVM, Mgr., BSc.) in the veterinary sciences. Three- to six-year programs of study include General Veterinary Medicine, Food Hygiene, Pharmacy and Cynology. Since its inception in 1949, UVM has ranked first among Slovaks serious about pursuing a successful, international career in veterinary medicine. The Veterinary Science programme has been offered in English since 1992

Currently, UVM offers two English-language programs, both of which lead to the degree of Doctorof Veterinary Medicine (DVM): a six-year degree programme in General Veterinary Medicine, designed for high school graduates, and a four-year degree programme in General Veterinary Medicine designed for applicants with a BSc in Life Sciences.

The University currently has registered undergraduates and postgraduates from Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Japan, norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA and others.

Courses offered through English


Rent for a room in the student dormitory [close to campus] is about 130 per month