Utrecht University





Utrecht University is one of Europe's leading research universities. Each year, more than 2,000 international students come to Utrecht University to take part in its excellent English-language programmes and courses.The University is ranked 1st in the Netherlands, 13th in Europe and 52nd in the world by the prestigious Shanghai Academic Rankings of World Universities 2013.

The university provides high-quality teaching. All programmes meet stringent quality requirements. Students may expect challenging teaching by professional and inspiring teachers, who provide careful guidance and invite students to discuss scientific issues.Utrecht University expects its students to be committed and active, and to have the ambition to perform to the best of their abilities. To encourage such an attitude, the number of resits is limited and all undergraduate students receive a binding study advice in their first year.

The university offers a selection of 45 undergraduate programmes [4 through English] and 169 graduate programmes. This variety enables students to pursue their individual interests and ambitions in the best possible way. Utrecht University provides intensive guidance to help them choose the right subjects.

Courses offered through English


Utrecht is the most popular university town in the Netherlands, so the demand for student housing is very high. It is therefore absolutely necessary to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. For its international students, the university has an agreement with a local housing agency that offers rented housing. The agency reserves a range of furnished accommodation in and around Utrecht for international students of Utrecht University. This accommodation is offered on a first come, first served basis. If you apply in time, your chances of securing accommodation through this route are good. Rent is from €300 to €400 per month

Students on the Liberal Arts & Sciences degree at University College Utrecht are obliged to take on-campus board and accommodation with other students of the programme. This is an important part of the ethos of the programme. Yearly cost for board and accommodation is Eur8203