VATEL International School of Hotel and Tourism Management


Since its first school opened in Paris, in 1981, Vatel has grown to become a group of 50 Hotel Management Schools on 4 continents. It now has schools in Europe : Paris, Lyons, Nimes, Bordeaux, Brussels, Martigny, Madrid as well as in leading cities accross the world.The group currently has about 5000 students of whom some 1700 are based in France.

Vatel has become one of the leading - and highest-ranked - hotel schools in the world and very well respected in the industry. It has developed a strong network through which its International Training department assists each student in securing internships and employment in reputed hotel chains all over the world

They now have 35,000 alumni who are working throughout the world and who are proud to call themselves Vateliens and to work in the most beautiful hotels in the world.


Courses offered through English


Vatel Switzerland offers fully equipped luxury rooms (double & single) on campus for 1st year students