VATEL International School of Hotel and Tourism Management


Since its first school opened in Paris, in 1981, Vatel has grown to become a group of 24 Hotel Schools on 4 continents. It now has schools in Europe : Paris, Lyons, Nimes, Bordeaux, Brussels, Martigny, Madrid, Moscow, Marrakech, Mauritius, Tunis , Buenos Aires, Chiapas, Los Angeles, Mexico, Montreal, Salta, Tlalnepantla, Toluca, UAE, Manila, Bangkok, Manila, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The group currently has about 5000 students of whom some 1700 are based in France.

Now with nearly 8000 graduates across the world, Vatel has certainly become one of the leading hotel schools in the world and very well respected in the industry. It has developed a strong network through which its International Training department assists each student in securing internships and employment in reputed hotel chains all over the world

Courses offered through English


    Accommodation on site which includes fully equipped modern luxury apartments for 1 to 4 persons for a monthly rent of around €500-800 per person