Discover Dutch Liberal Arts & Sciences degrees
Written in News & Updates on Sunday, 02 January 2022 00:00

Online, on January 19th at 19,00 (Irish)Register here

Don't really know what degree to study yet? Want to explore your academic interests before committing to a specific direction? Would you like to find out how being able to look at an issue from multiple viewpoints can increase your understanding? Missed the 15th January deadline for numerus fixus programmes?

Regardless of whether you are interested in humanities, science, arts and/or social science this is all possible at the university colleges!

Above: University College Roosevelt

Liberal Arts and Sciences degrees are the selective degree programmes (entry to some is very competitive) offered by Dutch University Colleges, the multi-faculty entity responsible for delivering these programmes, which form part of the leading research universities in the Netherlands. See all the programmes here

Liberal Arts and Science degrees are based on a US-style university education where students study a multiplicity of subjects in first year before specialising ("majoring ") in second year.

A group of University Colleges will be giving a webinar, (Wednesday 8th December 19.00) together with Irish students, explaining this model and outlining the benefits of joining a University College community.

Among the University Colleges attending are:

- Erasmus University College
- Leiden
University College
- University College Utrecht
- University College Roosevelt

Importantly, Irish students from these universities will be available for a chat on the night.

Register here