Drop of nearly 20% in numbers of Irish students applying to UK universities
Written in News & Updates on Friday, 08 June 2012 15:15

2012 has seen a significant drop in the number of Irish students applying to join undergraduate programmes in the UK. The number of Irish students applying through UCAS [the university central admissions service in the UK] this year is down to 5,873, a drop of 19.2% on last year’s figures.

This drop is almost certainly largely due to the increase in tuition fees in England. Notably, the number of English students applying through UCAS is also down, by some 10%.


The drop in Irish students applying to the UK, together with the continued growth in school-lever numbers in Ireland and the recently announced increase in the numbers  of UK students applying to Irish universities, is likely to increase pressure on third-level places in Ireland. As a result, the trend of increasing numbers of students applying to join European universities will certainly continue its upward path.