Meet Radboud University
Written in News & Updates on Sunday, 03 January 2021 05:02

Meet Radboud University

In the next of our series of university-specific webinars, you now have the opportunity to meet admissions staff and Irish students from one of the leading research universitiesin the Netherlands and find out about their programmes, and life in Nijmegen. the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Importantly, several Irish students (studying in a variety of subject areas), currently studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level, will be available for a chat on the night: of course, they arethe real experts! Learn about the benefits of studying in the Netherlands. Yes, you'll work hard, but you'll play hard too.

Radboud offers degree programmes, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in the following subject areas:

Arts & Culture
English Language & Culture

Business & Economics
Economics & Business Economics
International Business Administration
International Business Communication

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science

American Studies
Comparative European History
Liinguistics (Masters only)

Maths (Masters Only)
Medical Biology (Masters only)
Molecular Life Scences
Physics and Astronomy (Masters Only)

Social Sciences
Environmental Studies (Masters only)
Human Geography (Maters Only)
Law (Masters Only)
Political Science

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