OMG I'm Going To Be A Doctor (or a Vet)
Written in News & Updates on Tuesday, 13 February 2018 22:07

Coming up this Spring is an opportunity to meet some of the universities that are most popular with Irish students seeking degree programmes in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. Importantly, you will also have the chance to meet Irish students currently studying at these universities.

OMG IíM Going To Be a Doctor is aimed at the high number of Irish students (together with their families and Guidance Counsellors) who want to be Health Professionals and fear they might not achieve the vastly inflated grades required to study these subjects in Ireland.

This evening event. on 19th April, is relevant for both sixth year and fifth year students (and even fourth year/TY students planning ahead!). Students will have the opportunity at the event to actually apply for many of the programmes on offer. There is no charge for attending.

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