Study Pharmacy in Italy
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Study Pharmacy in Italy

The MSc Pharmacy programmes (Undergraduate Entry) in both U. Bologna and U. Tor Vergata are still taking applications, through Round 1 (closes shortly) and Round 2 (closes September) application routes. U. Bologna is the oldest university in the world. The Tor Vergata programme has links with the one offered at
U. Nottingham.

As with most programmes in Europe, your Leaving Certificate points are completely irrelevant, though you will need to do an entrance test. The test is largely in Biology and Chemistry with a handful of questions in each of Mathematics, Physics and Logical Thinking.

Fees are low: set with reference to your family income and, in Bologna, you can pay between zero and 3060 pa.

The academic year in Italy starts in md-October, giving you plenty of time to see how CAO works out, though increasing numbers of Irish students are seeing Italy as their preferred destination for studying Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy.

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