Masters: Surge in Irish Applicants to Dutch Master's Degrees
Written in News & Updates on Thursday, 01 April 2021 17:38

Surge in Numbers of Irish Students Applying to join Master's Degrees in the Netherlands

In these interesting times, new graduates are meeting challenges in securing employment on graduation. Many are looking to do Master’s programmes, as they wait for the situation to improve. Unfortunately, many can’t afford the tuition fees in Ireland. There is a solution:

There are now nearly 500 Irish students studying on English-taught Master's degree programmes in Dutch research universities. This number is expected to increase significantly this year.


- excellent universities, offering English-taught programmes
- admission requirements  that, in many cases, are not based on grades
- low fees (including generous student finance) Through a government covid-measure,  fees for 2021/22 are reduced to Eur 1084 pa!!
- enhanced opportunities to enter globalised employment markets

Find out more about these opportunities in our forthcoming event OMG Im Doing a Dutch Masters, where you can meet some of the leading universities and, most importantly, some ofthe Irish students who are studying there already.

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