Whats it really like being an Irish student in the Netherlands
Written in News & Updates on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 19:55

What's it Really Like Being an Irish Student in the Netherlands?

Sure, EUNICAS is going to tell you how fabulous the education is in the Netherlands. The universities will tell you that too, and how amazing is student life is there! (We challenge you not to enjoy living as a student in the Netherlands!) But the real experts are the Irish students who are studying there already (and there are over 1000 of you already there).

Currently, the university with the most Irish students is University of Groningen. Talk to Irish students there at the U. GroningenOpen Day this week (14th April) or log on to the Webinar for Irish students See other Groningen webinars here

The fabulous city of Groningen

Of course, should you be interested in the employment-focused Universities of Applied Sciences, you can meet some Irish students studying in these universities in the Dutch Employment Gateway events in Cork (11th April)https://dutchuniscork18.eventbrite.ie and Dublin (12th April) https://dutchunisdublin18.eventbrite.ie

Find out what Irish students really think!!