National Higher Education System

The higher education system in Bulgaria was changed in 1995 following the passage of the Higher Education Law. Under this law, universities, specialised institutions and colleges are all considered part of the higher education system.Currently, there are 51 higher education institutions in Bulgaria. This comprises 42 universities and higher education institutions, 41 colleges within the higher school system and 9 independent colleges.


Generally, most of the English-taught programmes that are currently available are those in the Health Sciences: fees are up to €8000 pa.

Grants & Loans

There are no grants available from the local system however EU citizens can avail of Tuition Fee Loans, in a scheme authorised by the Bulgarian government but managed by three 'approved' banks.

Application Process

There is no element of centralisation in the Bulgarian system: you have to apply directly to the university of your choice, enclosing a dossier of documents, the contents of which varies from university to university. The admission requirements, processes and deadlines differ between institutions.