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Computer Science

BSc Computer Science

3 years

€2530 pa

Programme profile

This programme focuses on software development. Through a flexible curriculum, students learn how to make computer programs run better, faster, and safer. Semester-long group projects ensure that graduates enter the labour market with both technical and professional skills. These include working in a team, writing documentation, and presenting their projects to others.

The programme teaches you the ins and outs of software. Whether it’s a supercomputer used for scientific research, computers in everyday objects like cars, watches and fridges, or your gaming console: you will learn how to make it run as smooth as possible.

There are many different ways to achieve this. Should the software run more efficiently? Does it need to be more secure, more accessible, or easier to use? You can find the tools to answer these questions in the many different fields of Computer Science. Our curriculum is designed to let you gradually discover your interests within this broad field and to develop your employability skills.

Programme content

The first year of the programme teaches you the basics of Computer Science. You will learn how to program and how computer systems work. Additional mathematics courses complete your first year of training as a computer scientist.

Year 2 continues your training with a number of mandatory core courses. These courses deepen your Computer Science knowledge and provide basic understanding of related fields, such as Human-Computer Interaction.

You can choose two specilaisations that explore the following topics:

- Intelligent Interaction
- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
- High Performance Computing
- Cybersecurity & Internet of Things

Year 3 is the most flexible year of the programme. It’s up to you to either deepen or broaden your knowledge, including with topics from other fields. Semester 5 is a so-called elective semester, where you can choose between one of the following:

- six elective courses with a Brightlands Campus Project, where you engage in a special project in collaboration with a local company or organization that has put forward a real business case for you to crack during this semester’s group project

- study abroad at one of the university's European partner universities, in countries such as Denmark, Italy, and Iceland

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels (CCC), inc Maths, and three GCSEs

Six subjects at Leaving Cert [of which three must be at H5) H Maths required. Minimum 350 points.




01 October

01 May