Still plenty of time to apply to most degree programmes in the Netherlands
Written on Monday, 17 April 2023 00:37

In the Netherlands, only 10% of their undergraduate degree programmes have a selection procedure. For the rest, you have a right to a place on a programme, if you obtain their minimum entry requirements.

In the Dutch system, there are both Research Universities (several of which are higher-ranked than all of our universities), which offer a more traditional text-book based education, and the more hands-on Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).

Most of the programmes in the Research Universities have a 1st May application deadline (and a few even later) and most of those in the UAS have a deadline of 1st August (though some close earlier!).

Those programmes with a selection procedure had a deadline of 15th January, so it is too late to apply to programmes such as Psychology, However, note that some of the Research Universities offer a US-inspired Liberal Arts & Sciences programme where, after a general first year, you can major in the subject of your choice (such as Psychology). Despite having a selection procedure, some of those programmes are still open for applications.

The city of Groningen which has a large population of Irish students, both at
the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences.


University Places Still Available in Europe
Written on Thursday, 08 September 2022 19:00

Because of the late publication of the Leaving Cert results this year, there are many fewer places available in European universities where, in most countries, the academic year has already begun. However there are still some places available for a start this month and many excellent programmes available, starting in February. (Dates in italics are application deadlines)

Programmes starting in September 2022

EU Cyprus 30 Sep
MU Sofia BUL 14 Sep
MU Varna BUL 14 Sep
MU Wroclaw POL 08 Sep
Pomeranian MU  POL (? Sep tba)

U. La Sapienza Rome ITA Global Humanities 31 Oct

MU Sofia BUL 14 Sep
MU Varna BUL 14 Sep
NCU Bydgoszcz POL 11 Sep
St Camillus Rome ITA 03 Oct

Natural Sciences
U. Bologna ITA Genomics 13 Sep
U. Camerino ITA Biosciences/Biotechnology 05 Nov

St Camillus Rome ITA 03 Oct

St Camillus Rome ITA 03 Oct

Veterinary Medicine
Lublin ULS POL 15 Sep
Wroclaw UELS POL 11 Sep

Programmes starting in February 2023

Berlin HTW GER 15 Jan
Fontys UAS NETH 15 Jan
Haaga-Helia FIN 14 Sep
NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15 Jan
Reutlingen U GER 15 Jan


Deggendorf IT GER Industrial Engineering 15 Jan
Fontys UAS NETH Mechanical Engineering 15 Jan
Fontys UAS NETH Industrial Engineering 15 Jan

European Studies

NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15 Jan

Information Technology
NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15 Jan

Hospitality Management
NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15 Jan

Liberal Arts & Sciences
(Majors from a wide range of disciplines)
UC Roosevelt at U. Utrecht NETH 15 Nov
U. Maastricht NETH 01 Oct
UCU at U. Utrecht NETH 15 Sep
U. Amsterdam NETH 01 Nov

Media Management
NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15 Jan

MU Pleven BUL 30 Sep

Satakunta UAS FIN 14 Sep

U. Maastricht NETH 1 Nov

Maastricht U. NETH 01 Nov

Impact of Delayed Leaving Cert Results
Written on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 00:10

Impact of Delayed Leaving Cert Results on European Admissions

Update 1st August 2022

There are obviously concerns that our results will be too late for over 1000 Irish students waiting in diverse admissions systems for entry to the first year of programmes in continental European universities, particularly in those countries where results are required by 1st September. EUNICAS understands the latest situation to be as follows, in the countries listed:

Denmark: With our students already challenged by our earlier mid-August deadline for the delivery of results, the deadline for receipt of results will not be extended beyond 31st August.

Germany: our 2022 results were already too late for entry 2022, so most Irish students have applied using 2021 (or earlier) results, or are waiting to apply next year. (Note though that some programmes have a second entry window in February 2023 for which our 2022 results will be available)

Netherlands: the normal deadline for the submission by students of their "High School Diploma" (Leaving Certificate) results is 01 August, and this is normally extended to 31 August for Irish and UK students.*

Universities have a good measure of flexibility in setting/reviewing their own admissions deadlines and almost all universities have confirmed to EUNICAS that they will accept late results and that Irish students can start their programmes on 1st September, including U. Amsterdam, U. Leiden, U. Groningen**, Tilburg U., U. Utrecht, VU Amsterdam, U. Maastricht*,Avans UAS, Fontys UAS, Hague UAS, Hanze UAS and NHL Stenden UASEUNICAS is working with all Dutch universities, on behalf of Irish students, to gain the certainty they require.

* U. Maastricht require, at enrolment, a Graduation Statement, signed by your school
** at U. Groningen, their BSc Medicine programme has confirmed that they wil NOT accept late results.

Psychology programme at Groningen have now confirmed that they will accept late results.

Note, that most universities will require payment (or at least a commitment to payment) of fees by 31 August
, so to avail of any extension you must pay your fees by 31 August. This is before you receive your results and might require confidence that these results will meet entry requirements. (In this situation, EUNICAS suggests that you take the option to pay fees by instalments, the first instalment not falling due until the 3rd week of September)

The Ministry in the Education, in the Hague, has now written to all institutions asking them to be flexible with Irish students, and clarifying that there are no legal requirements preventing them from accepting late results.

Lithuania: Although the academic year starts in Lithuania on 01 September, most universities are confirming to EUNICAS that they will accept results beyond that date.

Romania: our results are already later than deadlines for results in med and vet schools in Romania. Some have a second round of applications, which can accommodate the traditional date for publication of our results and, in some cases, the extended date. We are currently looking for flexibility here.

Spain: Currently, UNED, the local qualifications verification authority, is having difficulties validating late results.

Italy and Poland: t
he academic year in both of these countries starts in October, with commensurate timelines for the provision of results, No issues are expected here. However, note that because of the lateness of our results, Irish students must pre-enrol for the U. Pavia Medicine programme (deadline 22.07)

EUNICAS is working tirelessly, with a wide selection of European universities, in an attempt to minimise the impact of this delay on Irish students.

IMAT Registrations Close 22nd July
Written on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 00:00

Registrations for Entrance Test for Italian Med Schools (IMAT) Close on 22nd July

Following an announcement by the Ministry of Education in Rome  IMAT registrations opened on 4th July on the website. They will close on 22nd July at 14.00 (Irish time) This test is for entry to medicine and dentistry programmes , taught through English, commencing October 2022. 

Note that because of the lateness of our results, Irish students must pre-enrol for the U. Pavia Medicine programme ((deadline 22.07)

The entrance test (13th September) is run in the universities themselves, as well as in cities around the world, including London, but not Dublin. Note that some test centres are already full!

All students who have set up a EUNICAS account and submitted a Pre Application Form, selecting one or more of these programmes, has received updated Application Guidelines in their mailbox.

Increasing numbers of Irish students are now studying medicine, through English, at thirteen public Italian universities. Tuition fees are low, between EUR 0 and 4000 pa, fixed with reference to family income. Feedback from students, on the quality of the programmes and life in Italy, is very positive.

Most importantly, your Leaving Cert points are completely irrelevant. Different world, eh???

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information

Applications Still Open For Some Very Good Programmes
Written on Friday, 27 May 2022 00:40


Courses still available for 2022/23
These are just a selection of some of the many programmes still available

Animal Husbandry
VH Larenstein UAS NETH 1st Aug


Politecnico di Milano ITA (tba)
Politecnico di Milano ITA (tba)
Warsaw UT POL 24th May

Avans UAS NETH 1st Aug
Hague UAS NETH 1st Aug
Hanze UAS NETH 1st Aug
U. Bologna ITA 20th Jun

Fontys UAS NETH 1ss Aug
NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15th Aug
Poli Torino ITA tba
Radboud U NETH 1st Jul

Creative Business
NHL Stenden UIAS NETH 15 Aug


U. Siena ITA tba
MU Lodz POL 31st Aug
MU Wroclaw POL 8th July
U. Murcia SPA 31st July

Engineering (Automotive)


Engineering (General)
KU Leuven BEL 1st June

Engineering (Mechanical)
Hanze UAS NETH 1st Aug
Fontys UAS NETH 1st Aug
Poli Torino ITA tbs

Environmental Science
Avans UAS NETH 1st Aug

European Studies
KU Leuven BEL 1st June
(partners with:
Sorbonne FRA
U. Bologna ITA)

Hotel Management
NHL Stenden NETH 15th Aug

International Development
VH Larenstein UAS NETH 1st Aug

International Relations
U. Bologna ITA 24th July
U, Warsaw POL 10th Sep

International Studies

U. Leiden NETH 15th July

Liberal Arts & Sciences *
Tilburg U NETH 1st June
U. Utrecht (UC Roosevelt) 1st Jun

Law/International Law
Hague UAS NETH 1st Aug
U. Torino ITA 15th Jul

50+ programmes still open: check with EUNICAS

Natural/Life Sciences
HAN UAS (Chemistry NETH 1st Aug
HAN UAS (Life Sci) NETH 1st Aug
Radboud U (Chemistry)NETH 1st Jul
U. Bologna (Genomics) ITA 13TH Sep
U. Camerino (Bioscience) 6th Nov

U. Bologna ITA 8th September

Fontys UAS NETH 15th June

U. Milano ITA 5th Sep

Lithuanian UHS LITH 15th June
U. Warsaw POL 5th July
U. Murcia SPA 31st July

Fontys UAS NETH 15th June

Sports Science/Studies
Hanze UAS NETH 31st May
U, Murcia SPA 31st July

NHL Stenden UAS NETH 15th Aug

Lithuanian UHS LITH 15th Aug
UVM Budapest HUNG 30th June
Warsaw ULS POL 30th Aug
Wroclaw UELS POL 1t July

* On the Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes, students do a wide-ranging first year before selecting a Major/Specialisation (e.g. Psychology, Law. Bioscience, Digital Science, International Relations etc etc) and a Minor in another subject

Note: Some programmes in Netherlands, Finland and Germany have a second (alternative) start. Check with EUNICAS.


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