Applications Open in Denmark until 1st March
Written on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 17:30

Applications opened in Denmark last week and are still open for just under another three weeks.

Increasing numbers of Irish students are now studying in Denmark, attracted by the high standard of the programmes, the quality of life, the free fees and low entry requirements (low, compared to Ireland). Proving particularly attractive are the programmes at the employment-focused University Colleges (equivalent to the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences). The following programmes are proving popular:

Above: VIA University College

Copenhagen School of Design & Technology [KEA]
BA Design & Business
BSc of Architectural Technology & Construction Management
BSc Web Development

University College Absalon
BEd Teacher Education
BEng Biotechnology

University College of Northern Denmark
Bachelor of Sport Management
Bachelor of Export and Technology Management
Bachelor of Sales and Marketing
Bachelor in Software Development
VIA University College
BA Design & Business
B Eng Civil Engineering
BSc Architectural Technology & Construction Management
BSc Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Global Nutrition & Health
BA in Character Animation
BA Computer Graphic Arts
BA Design & Business: Fashion Design

Note that a few programmes have competitive entry, but most only look for six passes at Leaving 2 x H5.Those with a QQI Level 6 or HND can apply for 1.5 year ‘Top-up degrees’.

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Doctor? Vet? Points? Reignite the Dream
Written on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 21:38

Thinking of becoming a Doctor or a Vet?

At EUNICAS, we are often struck by how early in their school lives some students have ruled themselves out of careers in the health sciences. “Ill never get those sort of points” they say, scowling sadly at a far-off golden mountain. However, it is clear that we are beginning to understand that high points don’t necessary predict successful medical careers. Often students with points in the low 400s, who have then studied in Europe, have become superb doctors, vets or dentists. We are also starting to meet students saying that even if they get into UC/UCD, they’d prefer to go to Italy!

Above: Guy from EUNICAS, meeting Irish students during a tour of Polish med schools

Whether you are in 5th or 6th year, or even TY, and want to reignite your dream, or learn how anything is possible, if you it want enough, you should come to this event. Find out what programmes are available, discover admissions systems that arent interested in your Leaving Cert points, explore the quality of these progrmmes
and meet Irish students already studying abroad.

Register here

Another chance to meet Dutch universities in Dublin and Cork
Written on Friday, 15 November 2019 00:00

Further to the successful 'OMG We're Going Dutch' events, over recent years, a group of Dutch universities are returning to Ireland in January, with events in Cork and Dublin. These events have proven critical for students (and their families) who need information and reassurance to feed their decisions as to whether to take that step - (or not) of studying - through English - in the Netherlands, either at undergraduate or Masters level. This event might help you decide whether you want to join over 1000 Irish students, already studying in the Netherlands.

Groningen: the city with the most Irish students in the Netherlands

This is a great opportunity to meet and talk to Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (see individual event details for those universities travelling) and. most importantly, to share experiences with Irish students currently studying in the Netherlands, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. You will be able to discuss a wide range of matters, including teaching and learning styles, programme content, entry requirements and financial concerns. You can also discover some important tips to underpin a successful application. Dutch universities offer a very high quality and, despite this ....... remember, they dont usually consder points (for undergraduate) or grades (for Master's) as an important entry criteria.

To book for these events, which are available at no charge, go here:

7th January 2020 CORK

9th January 2020 DUBLIN

EUNiCAS will of course be at all these events to deal with any questions that you may have, about studying in the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

Some programmes still open for entry August 2019
Written on Monday, 12 August 2019 00:00

Some programmes still open for applications

There are still a good number of English-taught programmes which are accepting applications in universities across Europe. These include (together with the relevant application deadline) the courses listed below (this is only a selection: there are a large number of other programmes available)


GER Berlin HTW (15th Aug)
NETH Fontys UAS (15th Aug)
NETH HAN UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Hague UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Hanze UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Stenden UAS (15th Aug)
DEN  U.Southern Denmark (Now)
ITA  U. Turin (24th August)

CZ  Anglo American U (16th Aug)
NETH Fontys UAS (15th August)
NETH Hague UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Hanze UAS (15th August)

Computer Science/Information Technology etc
AUS JKU  Artificial Intelligence (5th Sept)
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

BUL MU Plovdiv (4th Sep)
BUL MU Sofia (12th Sep)
SPA U.C. Valencia (NOW!)

NETH Breda UAS - Built Environment (30th August)
NETH Fontys UAS – Electrical -15th August)
NETH Fontys UAS – Mechatronics - (15th August)
NETH Fontys UAS – Mechanical - (15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Automotive -(15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Electrical - (15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Mechanical - (15th August)
NETH Hanze UAS – Electrical - (15th August)

Game Design
NETH Hanze UAS (15th August)

ITA U. St Camillus – Physiotherapy (1st October)
ITA U. St Camillus – Radiology/Radiotherapy (1st October)

Hotel Management
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

CZ  Anglo American U (16th Aug)
NETH Hague UAS (15th August)

NETH Breda UAS - Leisure & Event Management (30th August)
NETH Hanze UAS (15th August)
NETH Fontys UAS (15th August)

Media & Entertainment Management
NETH Fontys UAS (15th August)
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

POL AFM Krakow University (30th August)
BUL MU Plovdiv (4th Sep)
POL MU Silesia (23rd August)
BUL MU Sofia (12th Sep)
POL NCU Bydgoscz (28th August)

ITA U. Campania (23rd August)
ITA U. St Camillus (1st October)

ITA U La Sapienza Rome (18th Sept)

CZ  Anglo American U (16th Aug)
ITA U. Milan (5th Sept)

NETH HAN UAS (Chemistry) 15th August
NETH HAN UAS (Life Sciences) 15th August
AUS JKU (Biochemistry) 5th Sept
ITA U. Camerino (Bioscience/Biotechnology) 1st Sep

Sports Management
NETH Hague UAS (15th August)

NETH Breda UAS  (30th August)
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

Veterinary Medicine/Animal Science
ITA U. Padua – Animal Care – (21st August)
POL Wroclaw UELS - Veterinary Medicine - (27th August)

At most of these universities, you have a Right To An Education provided you meet their minimum entry requirements (In Ireland, that is six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H5 or, for Dutch Universities, six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H4). Some programmes have subject requirements and most of those in the Health Sciences have an entrance test. Note that those described as UAS (Universities of Applied Sciences) will take a relevant FETAC Level 5 as meeting their entry requirements

Contact us now This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can assist you with programme choice, ensure that you apply correctly and can assist you in a range of areas, such as student finance and accommodation. EUNICAS can sometimes assist students gain admission to programmes in cases where they have missed the published application deadline!



Physiotherapy in the Netherlands
Written on Saturday, 22 December 2018 18:45

A reminder of the Application Deadlines for Physiotherapy degrees in the Netherlands:

15.01 Hanze UAS
15.01 Amsterdam UAS
31.03 Saxion UAS
01.05 Fontys UAS

Leaving Certificate points irrelevant for entry!

Check out video clip of Irish Physio students at Hanze:

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