Covid-19 and Studying in Europe
Written on Sunday, 29 March 2020 00:33

Covid-19 Update: Your Applications to Europe

(updated  2nd June)

Though all universities around Europe have been closed, and admissions people are working from home, many are opening soon, for a limited range of activities. Generally, the 2019-2020 academic year will be finished on-line. However, many countries are still welcoming applications from international students. The next academic year (2020-2021) is due to start on a regular timetable, in most countries, though classes/lectures are likely to start on-line or through blended learning and many fresher's /orientation events will be severely curtailed.

Below is a summary of the latest situation in key countries.

Above: From 01 June, you can once more have a coffee on the terraces of cafes in the Netherlands.

Research universities have extended the application deadline for most of their programmes without a selection procedure until 01 June. Universities of Applied Sciences are taking applications for most programmes until 01 August (though there are important exceptions, and most UAS will prefer to receive your application by 01 June).
Academic Year: Still scheduled to start on 01 September. Classes likely to be offered, initially, through on-line and blended lerning, including some physical classes (e.g. for practical lessons and some tutorials) Indications that orientation/fresher's events will be largely moved to an online/blended footing. Most universities are re-opening, on a limited basis, initially, on 15th June.
Leaving Cert Results: By law, Dutch universities currently have to receive your results by 01 August (extended to 31 August for Irish/UK students). The universities are currently working with the government to extend this period, into September and even later. Now, with the cancellation of the Leaving Certificate, this might not be necessary. A Statement of Results issued by SEC will meet legal requirements, even if it was not acquired through traditional written exams.  It is important that we now get clarity on the date of publication of results for new Leaving Certificate, which are ciurrently "expected on or around  mid-August".

Deadlines for many programmes in Italy, are late in any event, so we are unlikely to need any extensions for applications to progrmmes there in Medicine, Dentistry, and many others. The med entry test (IMAT) is due to be sat on 10 September: no decision has yet been taken as to whether this will be on-line. One problem is that the entry requirement for several programmes, outside Health Sciences, requires SAT, an exam for which recent sittings have been cancelled. The universities are accepting, as an alternative, scores from a TOLC test.
Academic Year: Still scheduled to start in mid-October, though a decision is still be taken on the timing of the Italian Leaving Cert, which might push back the starting date)
Leaving Cert Results: usually results only required on enrolment in October, so we should be ok here. Again, it is important that we now get clarity on date of results for new Leaving Certificate.

Most universities are still taking applications (with one or two exceptions), including for medicine and veterinary medicine (but note application deadline has passed or is imminent for some of the leading med schools)
Academic Year: Still scheduled to start on 01 October, though because the Polish Leaving Cert has been delayed, the starting date might be pushed back.  Most universities are re-opening, on a limited basis, initially, on 1st June.
Late Leaving Cert Results: usually results only required on enrolment in October, so we should be ok here. Again, it is important that we now get clarity on date of results for new Leaving Certificate. In any event, universities are proud of their independence and are likely to be making the important decisions here, themselves. They are likely to be flexible, to our benefit.

Applications: Deadlines have passed in Denmark though there is a vacant places round on 30 July. Because it is expected that fewer international students will want to or are able to (Visa and English Language test problems) travel to study, it is expected that there will more vacant places available than in previous years.
Academic Year: Still scheduled to start on 01 September. Indications are that not only do the universities expect to engage in classes with full physical interraction, but that freshers/orientatiion events will take place (though, with social distancing.
Leaving Cert Results: Generally, Danish universities require your results in July, and in previous years, many have made provision for late results from UK and Irish students, whose results are later than in most European countries. Several of the University Colleges (equivalent to Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences) have indicated that they will accept results received up to 31 August. Similar movement expected from the research universities.

For those other 23 countries not covered above, contact EUNICAS for more information.

Dutch Research Universities Extend Application Deadline
Written on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 15:31

Dutch Research Universities have confirmed that, as part of their package of measures to address the challenges facing students through COVID-19, they arer extending their application deadlines for most of their open entry programmes, from 01 May 2020 to 01 June 2020

This measure doesnt include 'Numerus Fixus' programmes, which are already closed (application deadline 15th January) and have completed, or nearly completed, their selection procedures. Places for these programmes are due to be announced on 15th April 2020. This is still the case for some programmes, but others are delaying their announcement of places (and waiting list) until 15th May 2020.

All Dutch Universities are currently working to address the difficulties being encountered by both domestic and international students, in several areas of admissions - be it documentation from schools and/or proof of entry requirements. They are all confident that the 2020/2021 Academic Year will commence on schedule. EUNICAS will endeavour to keep you briefed on this fast changing situation.

IMAT 2020 Exam Date Confirmed
Written on Saturday, 21 March 2020 16:37

The Ministry of Education in Rome has confirmed that, this year, IMAT - the Italian Medical Aptitude Test - will be sat on 10th September, in centres around the world. There remains a possibility that exam will be on-line but this is yet to be confirmed.

The Ministry hasnt yet confirmed the contents of the test, the dates for registration for the exam and the exam centres for this year. These are not are expected to be released before May. However, it is expected that content and registration will reflect that of 2020. Online registration for IMAT is expected to open in June 2020.

Danish Universities Extend Application Deadline
Written on Friday, 13 March 2020 23:02

Danish Universities anounced today that the 15th March 2020 application deadline has been extended to 22nd March (12.00 CET).

Because of COVID-19, Universities and University Colleges in Denmark (as in most countries) are currently closed, though some administrative cover will be kept in place, If you are having difficulty getting through to them, please contact EUNICAS.

Applications Open in Denmark until 1st March
Written on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 17:30

Applications opened in Denmark last week and are still open for just under another three weeks.

Increasing numbers of Irish students are now studying in Denmark, attracted by the high standard of the programmes, the quality of life, the free fees and low entry requirements (low, compared to Ireland). Proving particularly attractive are the programmes at the employment-focused University Colleges (equivalent to the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences). The following programmes are proving popular:

Above: VIA University College

Copenhagen School of Design & Technology [KEA]
BA Design & Business
BSc of Architectural Technology & Construction Management
BSc Web Development

University College Absalon
BEd Teacher Education
BEng Biotechnology

University College of Northern Denmark
Bachelor of Sport Management
Bachelor of Export and Technology Management
Bachelor of Sales and Marketing
Bachelor in Software Development
VIA University College
BA Design & Business
B Eng Civil Engineering
BSc Architectural Technology & Construction Management
BSc Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Global Nutrition & Health
BA in Character Animation
BA Computer Graphic Arts
BA Design & Business: Fashion Design

Note that a few programmes have competitive entry, but most only look for six passes at Leaving 2 x H5.Those with a QQI Level 6 or HND can apply for 1.5 year Top-up degrees.

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