Meet Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences in venues across Ireland
Written on Monday, 04 March 2019 00:00

Meet Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences in venues across Ireland

Until recently, a lot of the interest in studying in the Netherlands has been directed towards the more academic research universities. Admittedly, these are excellent. However, increasing numbers of Irish students are preferring the more hands-on, employment focused approach of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).

Importantly, these universities are finding that Irish students, in particular, match their preferred profile of students. Some of these universities are coming to Ireland in April/May to meet students and their families. They are bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands. Register for one of these events here:

29th April CORK
30th April KILKENNY
2nd May DUBLIN

Programmes are offered in areas such as Physiotherapy, Game Design, Business, Art & Design, IT, Hotel Management, Law, Engineering,
Global Development, Music, Music & Media Management, Teaching and many more.

Above: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Programmes in the UAS are overtly employment-focused with a much more practical, hands-on, project-based style than the more academic (albeit excellent) programmes at research universities. The UAS programmes usually include one or two internships. Irish students on these programmes are enjoying an approach to education that, though less academic and more practical, is still very high in quality. Commentators in Higher Education, suggest that these programmes are a great match to the needs and preferred learning styles of Irish students.

Entry requirements are very reasonable (Leaving Cert point are irrelevant!) – 6 passes at Leaving Cert (2 at H4) is all that's required: reflecting students’ right to an education in mainland Europe and sidestepping the need to obsess about Leaving Cert points. Importantly, students with a relevant QQI/FETAC Level 5 qualification qualify for degree programmes at UAS. There is also a special route for mature students!

Tuition fees are low: Eur 2083 p.a., with a long-term interest-free loans from the Dutch government, to pay these fees. There are other loans/grants available for living expenses. Also, if you qualify for a SUSI Maintenance Grant, you can take it with you. This all ensures that it is often less expensive to study in the Netherlands, than in Ireland.

So, if you are interested in a programme that directly prepares you for the employment markets of the 21st century, programmes which you have the right to join and can afford to attend, it is certainly worth considering the Universities of Applied Sciences.

These events are free. Register here:

29th April CORK
30th April KILKENNY
2nd May DUBLIN

Remember, you have a right to an education!!!

The Stenden Challenge: win a 2-day stay in a Four Star Hotel in Holland
Written on Wednesday, 30 January 2019 19:41

Do you deserve a complimentary 2-day stay in a 4* Hotel in the Netherlands and Eur 250 towards travel expenses? Interested in studying Hotel Management, Tourism or Event Management. Then enter the NHL Stenden Challenge. All you have to do is come up with a good idea for promoting Ireland as a travel destination to Dutch millennials.  See details here

NHL Stenden is a University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands that is attracting increasing numbers of Irish school-leavers to its programmes in Hospitality and Event Management, Business, Teaching and IT. Its global campus network offers you the opportunity, in addition to studying in the Netherlands, to study at one of its campuses in Bali, Qatar, South Africa, or Thailand. Emily McGrath, from Wexford, chose to take her study period abroad in the vineyards of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Follow Emily’s story here

Above: How about a semester in  NHL Stenden, in Thailand?

This challenge is really a fantastic opportunity to start off on a journey that could really take you anywhere in the world.

Of course, if competitions aren’t your thing, you could always just visit the university at one of its upcoming Open Days (9th February or 5th April)

Yes, the world is at your feet.

Physiotherapy in the Netherlands
Written on Saturday, 22 December 2018 18:45

A reminder of the Application Deadlines for Physiotherapy degrees in the Netherlands:

15.01 Hanze UAS
15.01 Amsterdam UAS
31.03 Saxion UAS
01.05 Fontys UAS

Leaving Certificate points irrelevant for entry!

Check out video clip of Irish Physio students at Hanze:

Another Chance To Meet Dutch Universities in Ireland
Written on Thursday, 01 November 2018 00:00

Further to the successful 'OMG We're Going Dutch' events, earlier in October, a group of Dutch universities are returning to Ireland in January, with events in different venues, in Belfast and Limerick, as well of course, in Dublin. The fact that they are taking the trouble to come to Ireland to meet Irish students (and their families) is unsurprising in the context of the numbers of Irish students now enrolled on degree programmes in the Netherlands exceeding 1000.

This is another great opportunity to meet and talk to Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (see individual event details for those universities travelling). You will be able to discuss a wide range of matters, including teaching and learning styles, programme content, entry requirements, open days and financial concerns. Most importantly, many of the universities will be bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands.

All events include some interesting and relevant guest speakers.

Really, if you want to study in the Netherlands, this is an important first step!

To book for these events, which are available at no charge, go here:

8th January BELFAST

9th January LIMERICK

10th January DUBLIN

EUNiCAS will of course be at all these events to deal with any questions that you may have, about studying in the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

Vacant Places 2018
Written on Monday, 13 August 2018 18:45

Many of the degree programmes are still open for applications (for 2018) at the following Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (largely in the Netherlands). A selection of the programmes still accepting applications is listed below but there are other programmes available that are not listed. (contact us if your preferred programme or university isn’t shown). The formal application deadline of many might have passed, but if you contact EUNiCAS, we can manage late applications to many of these.

DEN VIA UC (Architectural Technology)
DEN UCND (Architectural Technology)

NETH HAN UAS (Deadline 15th Aug)
NETH Saxion UAS 
NETH Stenden UAS 
NETH Fontys UAS 
NETH HAN UAS (15th August)
Information Technology
NETH InHolland UAS
NETH Stenden UAS 
DEN Aalborg U - Chemical
NETH Fontys UAS – Electrical
NETH Fontys UAS – Mechatronics 
NETH Fontys UAS – Mechanical 
DEN UCND - Automation
NETH HAN UAS – Automotive -(15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Electrical - (15th August)
NETH Hanze UAS – Electrical 
NETH Hanze UAS – Mechanical 
NETH HZ UAS – Civil 
NETH InHolland UAS 
Game Design
Hotel Management
NETH Saxion UAS 
NETH Stenden 
Leisure Studies
NETH Fontys UAS 
Media & Entertainment Management
NETH InHolland UAS 
NETH Stenden UAS 
ITA Humanitas U
BUL MU Sofia
POL NCU Bydgoscz
POL MU Silesia
CZE Palacky U 
CRO U. Rijeka
POL U. Jan Kochanowski
ITA U. St Camilllus Rome
ITA U La Sapienza Rome 
ITA U. Milan
NETH Hague UAS (European Studies)
NETH Zuyd UAS (European Studies)
ITA U. Padua
NETH HZ UAS (Chemistry)
AUS JKU (Biochemistry) 
ITA U. Camerino (Bioscience/Biotechnology)
DEN Aalborg U (Biotechnology)
NETH Stenden UAS
DEN Absalon UC (Deadline: 15th Aug
Veterinary Medicine
POL Lublin ULS 
ITA U. Padua – Animal Care
POL Wroclaw UELS

At most of these universities, you have a Right To An Education provided you meet their minimum entry requirements (In Ireland, that is six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H5 or, for Dutch Universities, six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H4). Some programmes have subject requirements and most of those in the Health Sciences have an entrance test. Note that those described as UAS (Universities of Applied Sciences) will take a relevant FETAC Level 5 as meeting their entry requirements 

Contact us now so that we can assist you with programme choice, ensure that you apply correctly and can assist you in a range of areas, such as student finance and accommodation

Some programmes, for which you might have missed the deadline (e.g. the Liberal Arts & Sciences degrees in the Netherlands) have a second start date in February, and you can still apply to these.

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