Danish Universities Extend Application Deadline
Written on Friday, 13 March 2020 23:02

Danish Universities anounced today that the 15th March 2020 application deadline has been extended to 22nd March (12.00 CET).

Because of COVID-19, Universities and University Colleges in Denmark (as in most countries) are currently closed, though some administrative cover will be kept in place, If you are having difficulty getting through to them, please contact EUNICAS.

Applications Open in Denmark until 1st March
Written on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 17:30

Applications opened in Denmark last week and are still open for just under another three weeks.

Increasing numbers of Irish students are now studying in Denmark, attracted by the high standard of the programmes, the quality of life, the free fees and low entry requirements (low, compared to Ireland). Proving particularly attractive are the programmes at the employment-focused University Colleges (equivalent to the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences). The following programmes are proving popular:

Above: VIA University College

Copenhagen School of Design & Technology [KEA]
BA Design & Business
BSc of Architectural Technology & Construction Management
BSc Web Development

University College Absalon
BEd Teacher Education
BEng Biotechnology

University College of Northern Denmark
Bachelor of Sport Management
Bachelor of Export and Technology Management
Bachelor of Sales and Marketing
Bachelor in Software Development
VIA University College
BA Design & Business
B Eng Civil Engineering
BSc Architectural Technology & Construction Management
BSc Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Global Nutrition & Health
BA in Character Animation
BA Computer Graphic Arts
BA Design & Business: Fashion Design

Note that a few programmes have competitive entry, but most only look for six passes at Leaving Certificate.inc 2 x H5.Those with a QQI Level 6 or HND can apply for 1.5 year ‘Top-up degrees’.

Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information

Another chance to meet Dutch universities in Dublin and Cork
Written on Friday, 15 November 2019 00:00

Further to the successful 'OMG We're Going Dutch' events, over recent years, a group of Dutch universities are returning to Ireland in January, with events in Cork and Dublin. These events have proven critical for students (and their families) who need information and reassurance to feed their decisions as to whether to take that step - (or not) of studying - through English - in the Netherlands, either at undergraduate or Masters level. This event might help you decide whether you want to join over 1000 Irish students, already studying in the Netherlands.

Groningen: the city with the most Irish students in the Netherlands

This is a great opportunity to meet and talk to Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (see individual event details for those universities travelling) and. most importantly, to share experiences with Irish students currently studying in the Netherlands, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. You will be able to discuss a wide range of matters, including teaching and learning styles, programme content, entry requirements and financial concerns. You can also discover some important tips to underpin a successful application. Dutch universities offer a very high quality and, despite this ....... remember, they dont usually consder points (for undergraduate) or grades (for Master's) as an important entry criteria.

To book for these events, which are available at no charge, go here:

7th January 2020 CORK

9th January 2020 DUBLIN

EUNiCAS will of course be at all these events to deal with any questions that you may have, about studying in the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

Written on Tuesday, 24 July 2018 19:00

If you want to be a primary school teacher, you might consider enrolling In the B.Ed. International Teacher Education programme, taught through English, in NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

With the demand for primary teachers at international schools worldwide currently high. It is a superb opportunity to be trained to teach at international schools throughout the world. The programme contains a high level of practical teacher training and n your second and third year, you choose two specialised subjects, attending classes either at NHL Stenden’ s campus in the Netherlands or at one of their partner colleges in Denmark or Norway. Specialised subjects include: Art & Culture; Inclusive Education; Religion & Intercultural Understanding; History & Geography; Science & Technology and Physical Education & Health

In the context of the current teacher shortage in Ireland, and the increasing availability of English-taught programmes in mainland Europe, it is no surprise that the International Teacher programme (ITEPS) at Stenden University of Applied Sciences is gathering a lot of interest from Irish students at the moment. Two of the Irish students currently on the programme share their experience: 

“If your dream is to be an international teacher, studying ITEPS at Stenden will help you realise that dream. A huge bonus of the programme is the many teaching practice periods you will undertake, with the opportunity to travel all over the world. I would recommend studying ITEPS to anyone who has the same dream as me.” (Brian)

“Undoubtedly studying on this programme has been an incredible experience. The staff and  the lecturers have been extremely welcoming and supportive. One aspect of the  course   which I have found quite intriguing, and most welcome, is the power shift between    students and lecturers. The lecturers don’t view themselves as an unquestionable authority. (Jon)”


Above; the town of Meppel, home of ITEPS

Application for this programme for entry this year are still being accepted until 15th August. Entry requirements are only six passes at Leaving Cert, two at H4 (they wont look at your points!) Fees and cost of living is lower than Ireland. So, give it a go!

Should you prefer to teach in Ireland, rather than travel the world, you should note that. in accordance with EU Directive 2005/36/EC, people who qualified as teachers in one EU member state, are entitled to have their qualifications recognised in all other member states. This recognition may be granted subject to conditions, including making good any shortfalls. The Teaching Council is the competent authority in Ireland for assessing applications from people who qualified as teachers in other EU/EEA countries, and they require students to complete an Irish language programme. To qualify to teach in Ireland.

If you prefer teaching at international secondary schools, Stenden also offers International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS) programme that prepares you for an adventurous career in the rapidly growing world of international secondary schools.


Applications still open at Dutch Applied Universities
Written on Friday, 01 June 2018 18:30

Applications Still Open For Many Programmes at Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences

Many of the degree programmes are still open for applications (for 2018) at the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences. A selection of the programmes still accepting applications is listed below. (contact us if your preferred programme or university isn’t shown). The application deadline is in brackets after the name of the university.


Aeronautical Engineering
InHolland UAS (1st August)
Automotive Engineering
HAN UAS (15th August)
Most UAS have an International Business programme
(Contact us for suggestions)
HZ UAS (15th August)
Civil Engineering
HZ UAS (15th August)
Fontys UAS (15th August)
HAN UAS (15th August)
Hanze UAS (15th August)
Creative Business, Media Management
InHolland UAS (1st August)
Stenden UAS (15th August)
Electrical Engineering
Fontys UAS (15th August)
HAN UAS (15th August)
Hanze UAS (15th August)
Environmental Sciences
Avans UAS (1st August)
European Studies

Hague UAS (1st July)
Saxion UAS (1st July)
Game Design
Hanze UAS (15th August)
Saxion UAS (1st July)
Global Change Management
Windesheim UAS (15th June)
Hotel Management
Saxion UAS (1st July)
Stenden UAS (15th August)
Information Technology
InHolland UAS (1st August)
Stenden UAS (15th August)
Industrial Engineering
Avans UA (1st August)
Fontys UAS (15th August)
International Finance
Avans UAS (1st August)
International Law
Hague UAS (1st July)
Leisure Studies
Breda UAS (31st August)
Hanze UAS (15th August)
Fontys UAS (15th August)
Fontys UAS (15th August)
Mechanical Engineering
Hanze UAS (15th August)
Fontys UAS (15th August)
Media & Entertainment Management
Fontys UAS (15th August)
Music Management
InHolland UAS (1st August)
Sports Management
Hague UAS (July 1st)
Stenden UAS (15th August)
Breda UAS (31st August)
User Experience Design
Hague UAS (1st July)

At most Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences, you have a Right To An Education provided you meet their minimum entry requirements (In Ireland, that is six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H4 and, in the UK, that is 2 A-Levels and 4 GCSEs) These universities suit some students more than the more traditional research universities. Though, of course, there is an academic component, the UAS tend to much more hands-on and practical, with a clear employment focus. 

Contact us now so that we can assist you with programme choice, ensure that you apply correctly and can assist you in a range of areas, such as student finance and accommodation.




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