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Written on Saturday, 21 April 2018 17:42

Applications For (A Lot of) Programmes in Dutch Research Universities Close on 1st May


Though some programmes (taught through English} in Dutch Research Universities have already closed, there is still a large selection of programmes in these universities that are still open for applications.

Additionally, you can apply to many (but not all) of the programmes in Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences into July, and sometimes even later. See a later article, coming soon, to check out some selections in this less academic sector.

A selection of the programmes where applications close on 1st May, or later, include those below. There are other programmes that are not listed below that are still accepting applications. Contact EUNiCAS if you want to explore alternatives:

U. Groningen
U. Leiden
U. Tilburg
U. Twente
VU Amsterdam
U. Amsterdam
U. Groningen
U. Twente 1st July
Radboud U 1st July
Fontys UAS

U. Groningen
U. Maastricht 31st July
U. Tilburg

International Relations/Studies
U. Leiden
U. Maastricht (European Studies) 1st July
U. Radboud
U. Tilburg (Global Management of Social Issues)

Erasmus U
U. Groningen
U. Leiden (Archaeology)
U. Utrecht
VU Amsterdam (History & International Relations)

TU Eindhoven (Applied Physics)
TU Eindhoven (Innovation Sciences)
U.Groningen (Maths)
U Groningen (Physics)
U. Maastricht (Nutrition)
U. Maastricht (Science)
U. Radboud (Chemistry) 1st July
U. Radboud (Molecular Life Sciences) 1st July
U. Wageningen (Animal Science)
U. Wageningen (Environmental Science)
U. Wageningen (Food Technology)
VU Amsterdam (Maths)

Computer Science
U. Groningen
U. Radboud 1st July
U. Twente 1st July
VU Amsterdam

English Language/Literature
U. Groningen
U. Radboud 1st July
VU Amsterdam

TU Eindhoven (Electrical)
TU Eindhoven (Architecture & Building Sciences)
U. Groningen (Chemical)
U. Twente (Advanced Technology) 1st July
U. Twente (Mechanical) 1st July
U. Twente (Civil) 1st July

Data Science
U. Maastricht 31st July
U, Tilburg

Radboud U 1st July
U. Amsterdam
U. Groningen (Media Studies)
U. Twente 1st July
U. Utrecht (Media & Culture)

Arts & Culture
Erasmus U.
U. Groningen 
U. Leiden (Arts, Media & Society)
U. Maastricht Ist July
U. Radboud 1st July

U. Leiden
VU Amsterdam (Philosophy, Politics & Economics)

U. Amsterdam
U. Tilburg

Remember, that you need to have uploaded your documents by 1st May
(or by the later application deadline given above, if relevant)


Whats it really like being an Irish student in the Netherlands
Written on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 19:55


What's it Really Like Being an Irish Student in the Netherlands?

Sure, EUNICAS is going to tell you how fabulous the education is in the Netherlands. The universities will tell you that too, and how amazing is student life is there! (We challenge you not to enjoy living as a student in the Netherlands!) But the real experts are the Irish students who are studying there already (and there are over 1000 of you already there).

Currently, the university with the most Irish students is University of Groningen. Talk to Irish students there at the U. Groningen Open Day this week (14th April) or log on to the Webinar for Irish students See other Groningen webinars here

The fabulous city of Groningen

Of course, should you be interested in the employment-focused Universities of Applied Sciences, you can meet some Irish students studying in these universities in the Dutch Employment Gateway events in Cork (11th April) and Dublin (12th April)

Find out what Irish students really think!!



Meet Dutch Applied Universities in Cork & Dublin
Written on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 21:01

Meet Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences in Dublin & Cork

Until recently, a lot of the interest in studying in the Netherlands has been directed towards the more academic research universities. Admittedly, these are excellent.However, increasing numbers of Irish students are preferring the more hands-on, employment focused approach of the Universities of Applied Sciences(UAS),

Importantly, these universities are finding that Irish students, in particular, match their preferred profile of students and are coming to Ireland in April to meet students and their families. They are bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands. Register for one of these sessions here:

Cork 11th April
Dublin 12th April

Programmes are offered in areas such as Physiotherapy, Game Design, Business, Art & Design, IT, Hotel Management, Engineering, and many more.

Above: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Entry requirements are reasonable – 6 passes at Leaving Cert (2 at H4): reflecting students’ right to an education and sidestepping the need to obsess about Leaving Cert points. Importantly, students with a relevant QQI/FETAC Level 5 qualification qualify for degree programmes at a UAS.

Tuition fees are only Eur 2060 p.a. in the Netherlands (which can be covered by 35-year low-interest loan from the Dutch government). There are other loans/grants available for living expenses. Also, if you qualify for a SUSI Maintenance Grant, you can take it with you. This all ensures that it is often less expensive to study in the Netherlands, than in Ireland. Maybe, groups of students who previously felt excluded from higher education, now have a wealth of opportunities opening up to them?

So, if you are interested in a programme that directly prepares you for the employment markets of the 21st century, programmes which you have the right to join and can afford to attend, it is certainly worth considering the Universities of Applied Sciences. Talk to them at this event.

What will you learn about, at these events?

- the hands-on approach to learning in UAS
- very reasonable entry requirements
- your onward employment opportunities
- the fact that you can afford an education

- you will meet Irish students studying there already (and some of the universities)

These event are free. Register here:

Cork 11th April
Dublin 12th April

Remember, you have a right to an education!!!

OMG I'm Going To Be A Doctor (or a Vet)
Written on Tuesday, 13 February 2018 22:07

Coming up this Spring is an opportunity to meet some of the universities that are most popular with Irish students seeking degree programmes in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. Importantly, you will also have the chance to meet Irish students currently studying at these universities.

OMG I’M Going To Be a Doctor is aimed at the high number of Irish students (together with their families and Guidance Counsellors) who want to be Health Professionals and fear they might not achieve the vastly inflated grades required to study these subjects in Ireland.

This evening event. on 19th April, is relevant for both sixth year and fifth year students (and even fourth year/TY students planning ahead!). Students will have the opportunity at the event to actually apply for many of the programmes on offer. There is no charge for attending.

Register here

BSc Psychology Webinar
Written on Monday, 20 November 2017 23:05

WEBINAR: Study Psychology at Radboud University

You are invited to attend an interactive online information session about the BSc programme in Psychology at Radboud University on 12 December 2017 from 17.30-19.30 Irish time.

In this interactive webinar, Admissions Counsellor Remy van Rijswijk, will provide you with key information about Radboud's Psychology programme. Remy will be accompanied with one of Radboud's current Irish students in Psychology, who will talk about her own experiences at Radboud University and living in the Netherlands. In addition to that, you will be able to ask questions throughout the session.

17:30 to 18:30: Presentation 'Studying Psychology at Radboud University'
18:30 to 18:45: Experiences from current Irish bachelor's student(s) in Psychology
18:45 to 19:30: Questions from the audience

Register for the webinar here

oin these students at Radboud University

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