Meet Radboud University
Written on Sunday, 03 January 2021 05:02

Meet Radboud University

In the next of our series of university-specific webinars, you now have the opportunity to meet admissions staff and Irish students from one of the leading research universitiesin the Netherlands and find out about their programmes, and life in Nijmegen. the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Importantly, several Irish students (studying in a variety of subject areas), currently studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level, will be available for a chat on the night: of course, they arethe real experts! Learn about the benefits of studying in the Netherlands. Yes, you'll work hard, but you'll play hard too.

Radboud offers degree programmes, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in the following subject areas:

Arts & Culture
English Language & Culture

Business & Economics
Economics & Business Economics
International Business Administration
International Business Communication

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science

American Studies
Comparative European History
Liinguistics (Masters only)

Maths (Masters Only)
Medical Biology (Masters only)
Molecular Life Scences
Physics and Astronomy (Masters Only)

Social Sciences
Environmental Studies (Masters only)
Human Geography (Maters Only)
Law (Masters Only)
Political Science

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Another chance to meet Dutch universities
Written on Monday, 23 November 2020 00:00

Further to the sold-out 'OMG We're Going Dutch' event in November, a group of Dutch universities are taking part in another live webinars on 12th January 2021. These events (which, up to now, have been physical off-line events) have proven important for students (and their families) who need information and reassurance to feed their decisions as to whether to take that step - (or not) of studying - through English - in the Netherlands, either at undergraduate or Masters level. This event might help you decide whether you want to join over 1200 Irish students, already studying in the Netherlands.

Groningen: the city with the most Irish students in the Netherlands

This is a great opportunity to meet and talk to Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and. most importantly, to share experiences with Irish students currently studying in the Netherlands, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. You will be able to discuss a wide range of matters, including teaching and learning styles, programme content, entry requirements and financial concerns. You can also discover some important tips to underpin a successful application. Dutch universities offer a very high quality and, despite this ....... remember, they dont usually consder points (for undergraduate) or grades (for Master's) as an important entry criteria.

To book for these events, which are available at no charge, you must register here

EUNiCAS will of course be at all these events to deal with any questions that you may have, about studying in the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

Meet Hanze
Written on Saturday, 21 November 2020 18:17

Following the successful OMG We're Going Dutch event, which was sold out, individual universities are asking EUNICAS to organise university-specific webinars for them. Of the growing number of Irish students going to study in the Netherlands, many are registering in the employment-focused Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). One of the leading UAS is Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Hanze experienced a 48% rise in the number of Irish first years for 2020-21!I

Hanze is now offering to  Irish students an opportunity to meet them and find out about their programmes, and life in Groningen. Importantly, several Irish students (studying in a variety of subject areas), currently studying in Hanze, will be available for a chat on the night. Meet these students and learn about the benefits of studying in the Netherlands (including the important differences between Research Universities and Universities of Applied  Sciences).

Hanze offers degree programmes in the following subject areas:

Mechanical Engineering
Art & Design
Sports Studies
Electrical Engineering

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Some Programmes have a January/February Start
Written on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 00:00

Updated 22nd September 2020

Although most programmes across Europe are closed for applications for 2020, some application systems run later than our own, and there is still a few programmes accepting applications. Additionally, some programmes have a second entry route in January/February 2021. Dates below are application deadlines.



FIN Haaga-Helia UAS Aviation Management 16.09
GER Worms UAS Aviation Management 15.01

NETH Fontys UAS International Business 15.01
FIN Haaga-Helia UAS International Business: 16.09
FIN Haaga-Helia UAS Business & IT 16.09
FIN Hame UAS International Business 16.09
NETH HAN UAS International Business 15.01
GER HTW Berlin International Business 15.01
DEN IB Academy Marketing Mngmnt (AP Degree) 01.10
GER Reutlingen U International Business 15.01
NETH Saxion UAS International Business 15.01
NETH Stenden UAS International Business 15.01
DEN Zealand Academy Sales & Marketing (AP Degree) 01.10


NETH Fontys UAS Information Technology 15.01
FIN SE Finland UAS Game Design 16.09
DEN UCND Software Development (Top Up) 01.10
DEN VIA UC Software Engineering 01 .10
DEN KEA Copenhagen Web Development 01 .10

LAT Rigas Stradins U 01.12

NETH Fontys UAS Industrial Engineering 15.01
FIN Hame UAS Mechanical Engineering 16.09
FIN Hame UAS Electrical Engineering 16.09
DEN VIA UC Architectural Technology 01 .10
DEN KEA Copenhagen Architectural Technology 01 .10

NETH Hague Hotel School Intl Hotel Mngmnt 15.01
FIN Lapland UAS Hospitality Management 16.09
NETH Stenden UAS Intl Hospitality Management 15.01
NETH Stenden UAS Tourism Management 15.01
NETH Stenden UAS Leisure & Events Management 15.01

NETH Amsterdam University College 01.11
NETH Erasmus U (EUC) 01.11
NETH U. Maastricht (UCM) 01.11
NETH University College Roosevelt 15.11
NETH University College Utrecht 15.09

NETH HAN UAS Communication 15.1
NETH Stenden UAS Creative Business & Media 15.01

BULG MU Pleven 30.09
LAT Rigas Stradins U 01.12

FIN Satakunta UAS 16.09
FIN Laurea UAS 16.09

NETH U. Maastricht Food, Nutrition and Health 01.01
NETH U. Maastricht BSc Science 01.11




Impact of Delayed Leaving Cert Results
Written on Saturday, 18 July 2020 15:32

Impact of Delayed Leaving Cert Results on European Admissions

Update 13th August

Clearly, the current pandemic has had a serious impact across Europe on both the delivery and assessment of secondary-level Education. The majority of countries appear to have met it with a clear raft of measures both cancelling off-line schooling and either cancelling or postponing end-of-year examinations, with clear timetables as to measures for assessments and publication of results. Following fantastic work by the teachers of Ireland, and their schools, during May and June, in delivering calculated grades on schedule, it seems that, with the delay in the publication of results to 7th September, students and their families face renewed uncertainty. 

Not only will this test our families but is increasingly testing the patience and goodwill of universities in many European countries, most of whom published in June emergency measures to cope with schooling delays.

So, are our results now too late for the 800-1000 Irish students waiting in diverse admissions systems for entry to the first year of programmes in continental European universities? In most countries, workarounds hve been found. Unfortunately, in some cases, it seems our results are now too late:

Denmark: deadline has already been extended by some universities to 31st August. most universities and colleges have confirmed it will not be extended further. Note that some programmes have a second start date in February.

Germany: our 2020 results were already too late for entry 2020, so most Irish students have applied using 2019 results

Netherlands: the legal deadline for submission of results is 31st August. It appears there is some flexibility in the system to extend this, in that universities have until 30 September to make full return on enrolled students to their government.

The Dutch Minister of Education has now (29th July) confirmed that late results can be accepted until 7th September. Most universities have indicated that Irish students can start their programme, along with the full student body, on 1st September and present their qualifications when they receive them.

Most Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences have confirmed that they will permit Irish students to commence programmes on 1st September, while they are waiting for their results.

Poland: with the Polish academic year starting on 1st October, it is unlikely that this delay will have a significant effect.

Italy: with the Italian academic year starting in mid-October, it is unlikely that this delay will have a significant effect.

Czech Republic: most universities require results before end of August, but it seems most are prepared to be flexible.

Hungary: whereas there might be some overlap between enrolment and publication of results, the universities are gettng round this, by requiring students to sign a declaration confirmong they will provide results asap. DES states that, in conversation with the Hungarian authotities, the system in Hungary "will provide the necessary flexibility to cater for the registration of Irish students who may be receiving their LC results later than expected" 

Romania: our results are now later than most deadlines for med and vet schools. We are currently looking for flexibility here.

EUNICAS is working tirelessly, both in Ireland and a wide selection of European universities, in an attempt to minimise the impact of this delay on Irish students.

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