Meet Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences in Dublin
Written on Thursday, 31 March 2022 00:00

We're Back! Meet Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences in Dublin

Until recently, a lot of the interest in studying in the Netherlands has been directed towards the more academic research universities. Admittedly, these are excellent. However, increasing numbers of Irish students are preferring the more hands-on, employment focused approach of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).

Importantly, these universities are finding that Irish students, in particular, match their preferred profile of students. Some of these universities are coming to Ireland in April to meet students and their families. They are bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands.

Programmes are offered in areas such as Physiotherapy, Game Design, Animal Husbandry, Business, Art & Design, IT, Hotel Management, Law, Engineering,
Global Development, Music, Event Management, Sports Studies, Teaching and many more.

Above: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Programmes in the UAS are overtly employment-focused with a much more practical, hands-on, project-based style than the more academic (albeit excellent) programmes at research universities. The UAS programmes usually include one or two internships. Irish students on these programmes are enjoying an approach to education that, though less academic and more practical, is still very high in quality. Commentators in Higher Education, suggest that these programmes are a great match to the needs and preferred learning styles of many Irish students.

Entry requirements are very reasonable (Leaving Cert point are irrelevant!) – only five passes at Leaving Cert  are required: reflecting students’ right to an education in mainland Europe and sidestepping the need to obsess about Leaving Cert points. Importantly, students with a relevant QQI Level 5 qualification qualify for degree programmes at UAS. There is also a special route for mature students!

Note that, if you successfully complete first yea r, you meet the entry requirements for the Research Universities.

Tuition fees are low: Eur 2206 p.a., with a long-term interest-free loans from the Dutch government, to pay these fees. There are other loans/grants available for living expenses. Also, if you qualify for a SUSI Maintenance Grant, you can take it with you. This all ensures that it is often less expensive to study in the Netherlands, than in Ireland.

So, if you are interested in a programme that directly prepares you for the employment markets of the 21st century, programmes which you have the right to join and can afford to attend, it is certainly worth considering the Universities of Applied Sciences.

This event is free. Register here:

Remember, you have a right to an education!!!

Discover Dutch Liberal Arts & Sciences degrees
Written on Sunday, 02 January 2022 00:00

Online, on January 19th at 19,00 (Irish)Register here

Don't really know what degree to study yet? Want to explore your academic interests before committing to a specific direction? Would you like to find out how being able to look at an issue from multiple viewpoints can increase your understanding? Missed the 15th January deadline for numerus fixus programmes?

Regardless of whether you are interested in humanities, science, arts and/or social science this is all possible at the university colleges!

Above: University College Roosevelt

Liberal Arts and Sciences degrees are the selective degree programmes (entry to some is very competitive) offered by Dutch University Colleges, the multi-faculty entity responsible for delivering these programmes, which form part of the leading research universities in the Netherlands. See all the programmes here

Liberal Arts and Science degrees are based on a US-style university education where students study a multiplicity of subjects in first year before specialising ("majoring ") in second year.

A group of University Colleges will be giving a webinar, (Wednesday 8th December 19.00) together with Irish students, explaining this model and outlining the benefits of joining a University College community.

Among the University Colleges attending are:

- Erasmus University College
- Leiden
University College
- University College Utrecht
- University College Roosevelt

Importantly, Irish students from these universities will be available for a chat on the night.

Register here

Meet Radboud University
Written on Wednesday, 29 December 2021 05:02

Meet Radboud University

In the next of our series of university-specific webinars, you have the opportunity (on 10th January @ 19.00 Irish)' to meet admissions staff and Irish students from one of the leading research universities in the Netherlands and find out about their undergraduate programmes, and life in Nijmegen. the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Importantly, Irish students will be available for a chat on the night: of course, they are the real experts! Learn about the benefits of studying in the Netherlands. Yes, you'll work hard, but you'll play hard too.

Radboud offers degree programmes, through English, at undergraduate level, in the following subject areas:

Arts & Culture
English Language & Culture

Business & Economics
Economics & Business Economics
International Business Administration
International Business Communication

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science

American Studies
Comparative European History

Molecular Life Sciences

Social Sciences
Political Science

Register here


Late Medicine and Dentistry Places!
Written on Monday, 20 September 2021 03:25

Pomeranian Medical University, the 7th ranked medical school in Poland, has announced a late "supplementary recruitment round" to its 6-year Medicine and 5-year Dentistry degree programmes.

Selection is based on your grades in two out of four subjects (from Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths) at Leaving Certificate. Other grades/points irrelevant! No entrance test required.

Application deadline 23.00 Tuesday 21 September.

Contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Still some veterinary medicine places in Europe
Written on Monday, 09 August 2021 19:07

There are still a few vacancies to study on English-taught veterinary medicine degree programmes, in Central Europe.

Though the most popular destination for Irish students (Warsaw University of Life Sciences ) is currently full, there are places available in:

- Wroclaw UELS See here. (application deadline 03 September, though could be extended)
- Lithuanian UHS See here. (application deadline 15 August)

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or more information.

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