IMAT Date Announced
Written on Saturday, 06 March 2021 18:55


Date for IMAT 2021 now announced


The Italian Ministry of Education has now announced that the date for the IMAT exam this year, for entry 2021  to Medicine and Dentistry schools, will be:

9th September, 2021

IMAT is the common entry test for entry to the English-taught Medicine and Dentistry programmes at public Italian universities.

No announcements have been made, nor are they expected, in the near future, as to when registrations for IMAT will open. If registration follows the pattern of recent years, which is likely, they will open in July. Neither has an announcement yet been made as to whether the exam will be on-line. It is expected that you will need to attend one of the 22 test centres around the world, to sit the test.

Applications Open in Denmark.but ......
Written on Saturday, 06 February 2021 01:26

Applications Open in Denmark, BUT ..........

Applications opened this week for English-taught degree programmes in Denmark, but there is disappointing news coming from Copenhagen, Aarhus, and other university cities.

Whereas, many Danish universities have in the past found workarounds for the July 5th deadline for Irish (and UK) students to provide results (obviously our results are published some five weeks too late), this appears to be no longer the case. EUNICAS is receiving a growing number of contacts from Danish Admissions offices confirming that:

“Bachelor Admissions has altered its practice, so applicants who have studied in countries that issue their exam results late (or rather, after 5th July) unfortunately now have to wait until the following year to apply”

It appears that the chaos of last summer’s Leaving Cert results was the last straw for a system that was already pushing the boundary by making exemptions for Irish students.

Of course, for those who did their Leaving Cert in 2020 and/or are doing QQI 5 or 6 this year, you can apply for entry 2021. There are some programmes, at some universities, where measures remain in place, to facilitate Irish students who are doing their Leaving Cert this year to start degree programmes this year, including excellent programmes in the area of Engineering.

Contact us for further information.

Meet Hanze
Written on Saturday, 21 November 2020 18:17

Following the successful OMG We're Going Dutch event, which was sold out, individual universities are asking EUNICAS to organise university-specific webinars for them. Of the growing number of Irish students going to study in the Netherlands, many are registering in the employment-focused Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). One of the leading UAS is Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Hanze experienced a 48% rise in the number of Irish first years for 2020-21!I

Hanze is now offering to  Irish students an opportunity to meet them and find out about their programmes, and life in Groningen. Importantly, several Irish students (studying in a variety of subject areas), currently studying in Hanze, will be available for a chat on the night. Meet these students and learn about the benefits of studying in the Netherlands (including the important differences between Research Universities and Universities of Applied  Sciences).

Hanze offers degree programmes in the following subject areas:

Mechanical Engineering
Art & Design
Sports Studies
Electrical Engineering

Register here

Some Programmes have a January/February Start
Written on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 00:00

Updated 22nd September 2020

Although most programmes across Europe are closed for applications for 2020, some application systems run later than our own, and there is still a few programmes accepting applications. Additionally, some programmes have a second entry route in January/February 2021. Dates below are application deadlines.



FIN Haaga-Helia UAS Aviation Management 16.09
GER Worms UAS Aviation Management 15.01

NETH Fontys UAS International Business 15.01
FIN Haaga-Helia UAS International Business: 16.09
FIN Haaga-Helia UAS Business & IT 16.09
FIN Hame UAS International Business 16.09
NETH HAN UAS International Business 15.01
GER HTW Berlin International Business 15.01
DEN IB Academy Marketing Mngmnt (AP Degree) 01.10
GER Reutlingen U International Business 15.01
NETH Saxion UAS International Business 15.01
NETH Stenden UAS International Business 15.01
DEN Zealand Academy Sales & Marketing (AP Degree) 01.10


NETH Fontys UAS Information Technology 15.01
FIN SE Finland UAS Game Design 16.09
DEN UCND Software Development (Top Up) 01.10
DEN VIA UC Software Engineering 01 .10
DEN KEA Copenhagen Web Development 01 .10

LAT Rigas Stradins U 01.12

NETH Fontys UAS Industrial Engineering 15.01
FIN Hame UAS Mechanical Engineering 16.09
FIN Hame UAS Electrical Engineering 16.09
DEN VIA UC Architectural Technology 01 .10
DEN KEA Copenhagen Architectural Technology 01 .10

NETH Hague Hotel School Intl Hotel Mngmnt 15.01
FIN Lapland UAS Hospitality Management 16.09
NETH Stenden UAS Intl Hospitality Management 15.01
NETH Stenden UAS Tourism Management 15.01
NETH Stenden UAS Leisure & Events Management 15.01

NETH Amsterdam University College 01.11
NETH Erasmus U (EUC) 01.11
NETH U. Maastricht (UCM) 01.11
NETH University College Roosevelt 15.11
NETH University College Utrecht 15.09

NETH HAN UAS Communication 15.1
NETH Stenden UAS Creative Business & Media 15.01

BULG MU Pleven 30.09
LAT Rigas Stradins U 01.12

FIN Satakunta UAS 16.09
FIN Laurea UAS 16.09

NETH U. Maastricht Food, Nutrition and Health 01.01
NETH U. Maastricht BSc Science 01.11




Dutch Research Universities Extend Application Deadline
Written on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 15:31

Dutch Research Universities have confirmed that, as part of their package of measures to address the challenges facing students through COVID-19, they arer extending their application deadlines for most of their open entry programmes, from 01 May 2020 to 01 June 2020

This measure doesnt include 'Numerus Fixus' programmes, which are already closed (application deadline 15th January) and have completed, or nearly completed, their selection procedures. Places for these programmes are due to be announced on 15th April 2020. This is still the case for some programmes, but others are delaying their announcement of places (and waiting list) until 15th May 2020.

All Dutch Universities are currently working to address the difficulties being encountered by both domestic and international students, in several areas of admissions - be it documentation from schools and/or proof of entry requirements. They are all confident that the 2020/2021 Academic Year will commence on schedule. EUNICAS will endeavour to keep you briefed on this fast changing situation.

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