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Liberal Arts & Sciences

BA/BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences

3 years

€4190 pa

Programme profile

This programme is offered through University College Maastricht [UCM], which is part of Maastricht University.

Students choose from a wide variety of courses and create their own individual curriculum. They do so within the broad framework of their 'concentration' and the 'academic core' of the programme. A concentration is a cluster of courses focused on a set of related scientific disciplines: social sciences, humanities or science. Within their concentration students can choose from a wide range of modules. Students may focus on a particular discipline (for instance, psychology, economics, history or biology), or instead opt for courses around a combination of themes or disciplines.

As part of your studies, UCM offers you the option to study at a foreign university for one semester. The College cooperates with a large number of excellent universities all over the world. You could go to Japan, Brazil, Poland, France, Spain, the US, Canada, Australia and many other countries

UCM has an alternative start date every February [Application Deadline: 01 Oct]

Programme content

Small sample of optional modules available [full and extensive catalogue on university website]:

Social Sciences:
Introduction to Psychology; International Relations: Themes and Theories; Globalization and Inequality ;Human Reasoning and Decision Making ; Management & Organization of Asian Enterprises; Human Rights; Advertising: Marketing Communications of Brands ; Conflict Resolution

Introduction to Art: Representations, Performances and Interactions ;Pop Songs and Poetry: Theory and Analysis ; Enlightenment and Romanticism; Introduction to Ancient Philosophy; Digital Media; Introduction to Media and Culture; Film Art

Evolution; Illness as a Failure of Homeostasis ; Artificial Intelligence; Medical Microbiology; Introduction to Game Theory ; Datamining ; Cognitive neuroscience; Cellular Dynamics and Communication


Graduates of UCM have enrolled a wide of master's programs. Some have stayed on at Maastricht University, while others have moved on to other Dutch universities or have been invited to join master"s programs at for example: Oxford, Columbia University (New York), LSE or Warwick.

You can also prepare to become a medical doctor through UCM. In that case you will opt for a specified range of courses in the Life Sciences concentration (90 ECTS). Your Bachelor of Science degree will then meet the requirements for taking the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), which is required for entering a medical school in the US.

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (Grades between A and C preferred). A-Level Maths preferred for Science Majors

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers {Grades A-C] and at least 4 Highers [Grades A-B]. Subjects to include Maths.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least three at H5. Hons Maths required for Science majors




01 October

01 March

This programme operates its own selection procedure.