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Liberal Arts & Sciences

BA Liberal Arts and Sciences

3 years

€3000 pa

Programme profile

The term Liberal Arts denotes a curriculum that imparts general knowledge and develops the student's rational thought and intellectual capabilities. Liberal Arts curricula are common in the US: the first Liberal Arts College in the Baltic region - Catherine’s College - was opened by Tallinn University. The teaching philosophy of the liberal arts and sciences is a broad Bachelor education that is the first step towards the more specialised Master’s programme.

The interdisciplinary approach provides both breadth and scope: students are introduced to a variety of subjects from different academic disciplines and acquire essential academic skills. Thus, a liberal arts and sciences education offers the ideal basis for students to cultivate an open and critical mind, enabling them to operate within a globalising, multicultural society and workforce.

At Tallinn, students can major [specialise] in subjects either drawn from a Humanities menu or from Social Sciences.

Programme content

The Social Sciences programme provides the following specialisations: Information Management, Public Relations, Electronic Media and Communication, Politics and Governance, International Relations and European Studies, Sociology and Basics of Social Work, Learning and Social Impact, Hobby Education and Recreation Management.

The Humanities programme provides the following specialisations: Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication, Estonian Language and Culture, Russian Language and Culture, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Anthropology, Romance Languages, Cultures and Translation, Contemporary Art and Creative Dance

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, two at HC3



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