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Performing Arts

BA Popular Music

4 years

€6950 pa

Programme profile

This programme focuses on the student's artistic development with his/her preferred musical instrument, honing skills in courses tailored to both individuals and group/band interactions. Practical training is embedded in the theoretical coursework, for example: harmony, ear training, composition as well as pop music history.

In addition to the practical training, students gain valuable insight into music production, they learn about stage and studio equipment, at the same time broadening their expertise in managerial and strategic knowledge, media and legal issues regarding the "business" of music and the industries involved.

Five-day workshops are run twice a year, providing students with an opportunity to dedicate themselves full-time to improving their practical skills, and teaching the know-how required in order to work with professionals from the design, video and games industries.

From the fifth semester [of eight], students specialise in a particular field of interest, such as performance, musical education, song writing or producing. The individual's field of expertise is complemented by a final research project.

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