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Natural Sciences

Food Science

BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

3 years

€2530 pa

Programme profile

This programme is offered at University College Venlo, a constituent of Maastricht University.

You follow your interests and select your own courses. This enables you to study issues related to food, nutrition and health in an interdisciplinary manner. It is increasingly recognised that food can be regarded as medicine and can be used in either the prevention or the treatment of various chronic diseases. With the help of your personal academic advisor, you build a tailor-made bachelor's programme and for example study this topic as nutritional pharmacotherapy or in relation to nutrition and sport.

The programme also has a February start [Application Deadline: 01 January]

Programme content

The open curriculum of UCV allows you to design your own curriculum, to a large extent. 

The academic core comprises a set of modules which UCV considers important for any student who wishes to peruse an academic degree in this field. All students are required to take the following four courses: Modelling Nature, Philosophy of Science, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Food, Nutrition, & Health.

A concentration is a collection of related academic disciplines, in which courses are categorised. At UCV you can chose between the concentrations Social Sciences and Sciences. The Social Sciences concentration entails disciplines like Law, Psychology and Economics, whereas the Sciences concentration contains courses in areas of Biology and Chemistry. You will choose one of these concentrations to focus on throughout your studies. Within this concentration you are free to make any combination you think is sensible for your future. The major part of your course load will come from this concentration.

To give an example, a student who is interested in convincing people to eat more healthily may choose to take courses in:
- Law
- Performance Psychology in Sports & Business
- The Psychology of Eating
- Public Policy.

A student who is interested in improving nutritional value of food may choose courses in:
- Biology
- Nutrition & Metabolism
- Sports Nutrition & Physiology
- Food & Health

Of course, you are free to combine courses from both concentrations, to develop a distinct academic profile, perfecty adapted to the master’s programme or professional position you are aiming for.


The university offers the following relevant Master's programmes:

- Sports & Nutrition
- Nutrition, Physical Activity & Metabolism
- Food Innovation Management

Entry Requirements

3 A-Levels & 3 GCSEs
Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers {Grades A-C] and at least 4 Highers [Grades A-B]. Subjects to include Maths.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including three at H5, or above. Min 350 points



Yes: Letter of Motivation

01 October

01 July