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BSc Applied Earth Sciences

3 years

€2530 pa

Programme profile

How do you heat a building with geothermal energy? Can groundwater be exploited sustainably? Which earth strata can be used to safely store the greenhouse gas CO2? How do you prevent subsidence? As a student of Applied Earth Sciences you can become an expert able to solve issues like these. An Applied Earth Sciences engineer is able to find and process just about everything of value under the ground.

This innovative programme connects engineering and geology, and involves a challenging combination of theory and practice.The programme prepares you for five specialist fields:

Resource Engineering, which  focuses on extracting and processing ores and minerals from the subsoil
Petroleum Engineering, which looks at the extraction of oil and natural gas
Geo-Engineering, where you study the shallow subsoil, developing smart techniques for ascertaining subsoil characteristics
Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics, which focuses on mapping the deep and shallow subsoil.
Applied Geology focuses on geological processes such as sedimentation, the depositing and deformation of various layers, the development of folds and faults in rocks.

Excursions, field work and study trips form important elements within the degree programme.

In addition to the general programme you can take minors (packages of optional subjects), study abroad or do an internship.

Entry Requirements

A-Level Maths, Physics & Chemistry [all at Grade C or above] plus 3 GCSEs [Grades A-C]

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers {Grades A-C] and at least 4 Highers [Grades A-B]. Subjects to include Maths, Physics & Chemistry

6 passes at Leaving Cert., inc H4 in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Min 350 points




01 October

01 April