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BSc Applied Mathematics

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

Applied Mathematics is oriented to technology and practical applications. Applied Mathematics teaches you to construct mathematical models to solve mathematical problems and to analyse the results. It is a multifaceted subject and focuses on using mathematics to model and simulate practical situations. If you are interested in calculations that are placed in a technical context, this is the degree programme for you.

Whereas the BSc Mathematics is concerned with abstract matters, the emphasis in the Applied Mathematics programme is on the mathematics behind practical applications. One example is computing the flows of water, air or blood. Other examples are operating systems for robots, aeroplanes and satellites. The ability to think in an abstract way is of course important in both programmes – when you study Applied Mathematics, you also learn how to structure your reasoning and draw conclusions.

The University of Groningen is one of the few universities which offers degree programmes in both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. You will have the opportunity to explore Applied Mathematics and Mathematics in the first year, before you make your final choice

Programme content

In the first year, you will take courses with students in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy. You will study subjects which are important for all these disciplines. From the second year onward, you will take specific courses in areas of Applied Mathematics that are of interest to you.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels [inc Maths]

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate, including two at H4 [one of which must be Maths]




01 October

01 June