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BSc International Business. in Asia

3 years

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Programme profile

In this programme, you learn how to manage the fundamentally different challenges businesses face in Asian markets or when working with Asian companies. This unique programme combines business expertise with Asian political, economic and cultural understanding and Chinese language skills.

Companies need specialists that understand and can adapt business activities to the very different playing field that applies in an Asian business context. The Western approach to commerce is no longer dominant – now the East is doing business on its own terms. One example would be how Asian state intervention and state subsidies shift the competitiveness of industries and companies. Another would be how very large Asian state or family owned business conglomerates create a highly complex business environment where you need to understand the whole network that a company is part of in order to do business. Yet another example would be how historical and cultural patterns create a very different setting for negotiations, communication and relationships with Asian partners. Asian business understanding is not an add-on to a traditional business education. 

The  programme allows students to spend two full semesters in Asia. All students spend the fourth semester at Beijing International Studies University. In addition, you can spend the seventh semester on exchange in China or another Asian country. This allows you to gain practical intercultural experience while also improving your Chinese language proficiency.

Programme content

To create Asia business specialists who can successfully navigate this complexity, this programme focuses on three key areas:

- traditional management courses such as finance, accounting, marketing and organisation
- the special conditions of Asian business, economics and markets.
- the cultural traits and traditions that shape Asian societies and Asian business and management cultures.

The programme also includes a significant language component where you will learn both written and spoken Mandarin Chinese. Understanding Chinese is an important key to gaining a deeper understanding of Asian culture. At the same time, your language skills will allow you to access information and form personal relationships that are important for doing business in Asia and which non-Chinese speakers cannot. Of course, Chinese is just one of many Asian languages but is increasingly becoming the principal Asian business language along with English

Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels.Subjects to include A/S Level Maths and A/S Level History OR Economics OR Social Studies [or equivalent] PLUS Chinese Language

Leaving Certificate, showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5.

Subjects to include Maths [Ord] and a Language [at least H5] AND Social Studies subject OR History OR Economics [or equivalent] PLUS Chinese language



Yes: Letter of Motivaton

01 February

15 March

Applicants accepted who have no prior knowledge of Chinese will follow the full 4-year programme