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BSc Environment & Energy

3.5 years

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Programme profile

The future of industrial societies lies in the sustainable use of their resources.Today approximately 6.9 billion people live upon the earth; by 2050 it can be over 10 billion. The resulting and rising demand for raw materials and the concurrent awareness of their limitedness show humanity that they are also subject to basic ecological principles. Against this backdrop the necessity for a rethinking by governments, industry and private households becomes obvious.

In this highly dynamic environment experts are needed with a broad knowledge base, who understand the complex scientific and legal issues relating to environment and energy, and at the same time, are able to integrate the requirements of customers, i.e., clients, from business and industry. The education objective of this programme, therefore, is the practical transfer of the knowledge necessary for a sound assessment of what is ecologically possible, as well as the economical and societal essentials.

Programme content

The focus of the first three semesters is the transfer of subject matter regarding the natural and engineering sciences, flanked by basic courses in Economics and Information Technology. In the fourth and fifth semester are two specialized courses to choose from, a scientific/technical as well as an economics/administrative.

Parallel to the in-depth courses and in cooperation with the Psychology and Management Science programmes, students are shown how to conduct independently a research project. In the sixth semester a work placement or a study semester abroad is completed. In the seventh semester studies are concluded with a block seminar, the bachelor thesis and an oral examination.


The university currently offers no related Masters programme, taught through English

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels, inc Maths and a subject relevant to this programme.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate (inc 2 x H5, one of which must be Maths). At least one subject to be relevant to programme you are applying for




Note, there are no tuition fees but there is a semester fee of some EUR251, to cover admin expenses

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15 July